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Freaky Insertions

Freaky Insertions

Review date: 22-Oct-2017 06:35. At this point in adult entertainment history, it’s safe to say that those who fancy female masturbation are a chronically underserved segment of the porn populace. What could be more arousing than a beautiful body in the throes of a self-produced orgasm? Thankfully, sites such as Freaky Insertions are around as an ode to singular sensations, with a little help from the stray dildo, vibe, vegetable or long object, of course.

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Freaky Insertions

Intro promises:
This site has it all as far as quality of masturbation sets and varied types of models are concerned. From hardened, silicone-breasted veteran porn stars to pro-am ingenues, there’s enough solo fun going on here to keep members busy (and their members busy, for that matter) for many months. As with most corporate-type porn websites, there are videos, photo sets, links to lots of other sites (most of them unrelated) galore, and most of the other usual website extras. But, what brings subscribers here is the masturbation, and there are some excellent self-pleasuring moments to be found here.

When we perused the site, one of the featured photo sections featured blonde porn star Ava Vincent, lustily pushing a huge blue dildo through fuck-me fishnets for a memorably deep insertion. Oriental onanism expert Jade shows that oversized cucumbers are good for more than salads. A brunette named Alexia uses a corn cob replica dildo to stroke her clit. We can’t believe it’s not butter, but instead hot cum she produces in this farm-fresh fingering and toying frenzy. Highlights in the video section include links to some of the better masturbation sites, including ToyBox and Dildo Maniacs, and all of them feature smooth-running, easy-to-watch clips, quite recommended for those with faster Internet hookups.

As for the title of this site, well ... there are certainly more than a fair share of women who take on oversized objects here. It’s certainly hard to forget brunette Sabrina - who seems to love carrots as much as any cartoon rabbit ever did - pushing the crunchy vegetable deep inside her pulsating folds - what a great way to get your beta carotene! The level of eroticism on display at Freaky Insertions may result in some unexpected sales for its host if word gets around; we can’t imagine the gay and lesbian community not being turned on by many of the masturbatory moments on this portal. Hey, spreading the word to all segments of the adult entertainment community is what we're here for. Simply put, this site is great to jerk off to while watching some fine women jerking off. Happy stroking!

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