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Fried Rice Fuckers

Fried Rice Fuckers

Review date: 2-Nov-2017 05:19. Fried rice anyone? That's just what you will get and then some from Fried Rice Fuckers. I must admit, before entering the site, I had a little giggle; the playful layout of the site includes white rice boxes you get with your Chinese food order. These hot Asian girls will make you drool once you see them. The best part is they are actually Asian and not white girls trying to look the part.

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Fried Rice Fuckers

Intro promises:
When logging into the site, you will see links to videos, pictures, bonus content and site support. The sites navigation is very easy to use and everything seems to work fine. After clicking on the videos, it takes you to a page with only 11 sets. Within those 11 video sets, there are even more content for you to click on. I would have to say that for each of the 11 sets you get about 5-12 videos. Now, there's a lot of content for you to feast your eyes on. Each video seems to come in only high definition. You can either watch it streaming or you can download. Each video is anywhere from 15MB to 30MB. Fast Internet is by far the best choice for this site. Each time you download a video to watch, you are prompted for your user name and password so keep it handy. The video quality is first class; the lighting is excellent; and, the sound is immense. I strongly suggest you click on set 33 because you get to watch this little cutie play with herself. You can see how wet she is just by hearing that vibrator go in and out of her, making the telltale schlurping noises.

Aside from the videos, the photo section is another jewel. There are currently three pages of ladies for you to choose from. I must admit, not all photos loaded but I am sure in the near future that will be fixed; after all, it is a starter site. For the newbie porn watcher, Fried Rice Fuckers would be great for you. A lot of the photos are high quality and rather large. I am sure that a dial-up customer would have to wait a minute or two before actually seeing the photos. When browsing though the photos, check out dlp_bnlasn's photos. She really knows how to work the camera.

Fried Rice Fuckers was just launched; hence, not as much content as the older sites. However, that shouldn't prevent you from signing up, especially if you have particularly fancy Asian women. There are also bonus sites to choose from: AngelsOfPorn, DirtyOldMan, SadoSlaves, AbbraxaPorn, JakeBustsNuts and much more. For the price you are paying for the site, you can't go wrong especially with the yummy extras.

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