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FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Review date: 9-Jun-2016 10:55. Beautiful young women it seems are just looking for an opportunity to undress and tease us with their ripening bodies. This site provides them that opportunity. It features young amateurs never seen before captured for all time in videos and pictures as they masturbate.

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FTV Girls

Intro promises:
FTV stands for first time video. The site promises us masturbation, public nudity, real orgasms, and fetish themes. All the photography is original. The pictures are not retouched. All the girls are natural. The site is updated daily. The beautifully designed tour features hundreds of images of very attractive young women. These are playboy-type beautiful women, dressed in sexy outfits, shot in interesting locales by obviously competent photographers.

Clearly the designer of this site is an artiste. He has a great design sense and I love the way he creates magazine style covers for each of his shoots. And amazingly this site is a one-man operation. When I click on the "about" link I learn that the site designer is also site photographer, videographer, video editor and encoder, webmaster and general gopher. I find this astounding. I know the work involved in all these tasks. It is huge. And staring into monitor all the hours it must take is damn hard on the eyes and damn tiring. My hat is off to you Robert. One of the benefits is that the site reaps the coherency of a single vision. Fortunately that vision will appeal to every heterosexual male looking at this content. I am guessing that girls who like girls will also find this site to their liking, oops, almost typed licking there.. This is, after all, a dick-free zone. Robert even has a vision of how we should approach the viewing of this site. "We suggest that you get acquainted with the model by viewing her sexy photos first, almost like looking at the pages of a fashion magazine, but X-rated.... then moving on to her introductory videos, to see what she is like in person, get to know her. Then visit her masturbation scenes and other fetish goodies." Ok that is exactly what I am going to do I click on the Kirsten , a model on the front page. There are three different photo shoots. The pictures are approx. 700x1000 pixels. Quite a good size but I notice that if you want them even bigger there is a link to super-sized photos on the front page. There you will find monsters of 2000x3000 pixels. Robert says that he does not retouch the photos in any way. Is shows you how remarkably beautiful these young women are. The pictures are all of an excellent quality. I like the one where Alison is spreading Kirsten's ass cheeks so that we can have a look at her vagina. I am ready to see her videos. The video is available in divx or wmv formats. Both stream and can be saved to your hard drive. I prefer the quality of the wmv and particularly like its 640x480 size. Divx is playable by Mac users. After meeting Kirsten, it doesn't take Alison but a few minutes before she is caressing Kirsten's breasts and kissing her nipples. But Alison it turns out isn't into sex with girls. She will play with their breasts and rub their butts with her beautiful breasts. Kirsten is given a dildo with a clit stimulator. Alison sits back and watches her masturbate, as do I. I found it a very intimate moment and there is no doubt Kirsten's orgasm was real. But it is photographer assistant that Alison turns me on. I check her out on the site and see the most erotic video I have seen in a long time. Her boyfriend is playing with her pussy. I vote for more of this. Maybe a new site Robert where the boys can get to play with the girls or the girls can play with the boys. And one final comment; something that points to Robert's attention to detail, there is a very nicely constructed feedback page. He clearly wants the views of his membership and I am betting he listens and is rewarded with their loyalty. Good going Robert. I love this site.

This is the best-constructed site it has been my privilege to review. This is what all adult webmasters should aspire to. I can't recommend this site highly enough. The women are magnificent. The photography is excellent. The videos are nicely lit and the action is intimate and real. Sexy women being comfortable in their sexuality is a huge turn on for men. Tired of seeing women degraded on most adult sites. This is the place to come. Robert pays attention to his members and he gives them what they want.

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