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Fuck You Paul

Fuck You Paul

Review date: 13-Aug-2017 06:39. So whatever happened to the good old days, when a broken relationship ended up with a pile of broken records on your front lawn? These days, it seems like the trendy new way to "get over the last one" is to put together a web anti-shrine and rub it in your ex's face! With a title like Fuck You Paul, need I say more?

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Fuck You Paul

Intro promises:
This is a slick rebound site which features a sassy young sweetie by the name of Mel, who started out trying to piss off her ex-boyfriend, Paul, by getting naked and naughty for all to see (for a price). That's the cute premise of this site and it gets a few points just for the novelty itself. I recently reviewed another site by the same maker and I'm seeing a consistent pattern of high quality in this adult franchise. The photography, videos, and graphic design of this site is simply superb. The tour is slick and gets the point across to prospective members. When you slip into the paid zone, the slick design continues and it's crafted in a way to make your navigation simple.

There are twenty or so galleries of high resolution photos. While the technical and artistic quality of the shots is excellent, I found the galleries a bit too fluffed with redundant images. So don't take the hype in the tour too literally about the number of pics included - when you bump out the dupes, you end up with a third or less. But, even so, from the picture sets, one does get a clear idea of why Paul would have had the hots for Mel. While we may never know what caused their break up, it is clear from her galleries, that Mel has moved on in life. In fact, her website seems to provide her with the sexy outlet she enjoys. You can check her out in great detail thanks to the sharp 851x1280 photographs in the members area. There are also 16 video galleries which show the moving version of Mel and even include a lovely babe friend in a few of the flicks. The videos are of excellent quality, and you can choose from a variety of formats and speeds all the way up to wide screen HD. Mel is a sassy young chick with a busty disposition and a wild mohawkish kind of hair thing happening. She is certainly easy on the eyes and her galleries give you plenty of opportunity to discover her more intimate charms. This site is mostly softcore with an occasional erotic suggestion. If you're into tastefully naughty galleries wrapped up in a slick stylish presentation, then aside from the (somewhat) rude title, Fuck You Paul is classy.

Membership is reasonably priced at $24.95 per month ($59.85 for 3 months, $119.40 for one year) and as with most solo model sites, the best way to figure out if this one's for you, is to check out the tour and see what kind of chemistry you have with the main babe. Your membership does include access to Mel's private blog and her friend's website, CuteRain. With weekly updates, you might be glad that Mel did say Fuck You (to) Paul!

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