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Fucked In The Asshole

Fucked In The Asshole

Review date: 19-Oct-2017 05:58. Hot anal action is the name of the game at Fucked In The Asshole, where the babes go all out and take every inch up their backdoors like true professionals. These ladies know that a little pain can add to their pleasure and go all out proving how wonderful the joys of backdoor banging can be.

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Fucked In The Asshole

Intro promises:
Cheryl, a gorgeous bob-haired Asian gal, kicks things off by taking three fingers in her butt to loosen things up some. She then gets a giant cock in her butt before settling down to work her mouth on it. When her lover fires of a salvo of sticky juice, she greedily laps it up and then begs for more. What's not to love about a woman like this? While her breasts are incredibly small, she more than makes up for that with her incredible work ethic.

Amee may well be one of the cutest girls I've seen on a porn site. I couldn't make out if she was a redhead or had brown hair, but either way, she's a serious babe. With a gorgeous face and a nice big set of knockers, she is easily the major highlight of Fucked In The Asshole. Amee's beauty only enhances her video when she takes on two guys at the same time. This hottie goes to town servicing both studs before getting her own two-hose facial and giving us all the thumbs-up. What a woman. Other lovely standouts on this site include Monica, Brooke, and Jasmine. But unlike some other sites, the majority of women here are good looking and enjoyable. They strut their stuff before getting to work and you'll never be happier with the results.

The site features excellent VCR-like controls on all of its videos enabling surfers to pause, rewind, and fast forward the action just like they were watching a porn film on their own TV. User friendly features like this really add a lot to the surfing experience. Fucked In The Asshole is a great site to stop and visit. Plenty of women ' good-looking women at that ' along with an easy to use website help elevate this site into the higher echelons of porn goodness.

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