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Fucky Sucky

Fucky Sucky

Review date: 23-Aug-2016 12:37. Did you know tiny Asian chicks like the big glorious black dick? Of course they do. Fucky Sucky is a super fun new site that puts giant black dudes and tiny Asian girls together in sequences that are both very entertaining to watch and are loaded with extreme tiny Asian pussy pounding action. No episode is like another, it’s always something different, so check it out.

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Fucky Sucky

Intro promises:
Tiny Asian girls, right? Most men are into them, and we know you are as well. What’s not to like? This combination of a tiny body, sexy curves, and a desire to please the man in every way she can is not something you can ignore. That’s why a lot of people go to Asia, in fact. If you can’t go right now, there’s tons of porn you could watch — but what if it feels all the same at this point? We feel you. Fucky Sucky here tries to spice things up a bit. So, these girls are mostly on the smaller side and their pussies look real tiny? Well, that gave them an idea. What if you pound that pussy (and ass, too) with big pulsing black dick? That’s right. Once the girls try what it feels like to get fucked raw and hard with a dick that is way bigger than anything an Asian guy can ever have in his pants, they literally just cannot stop. So, this is where Fucky Sucky comes in. The size combo is just perfect, isn’’t it? Just imagine, a huge black dude with a dick almost the size of the girl itself, doing her hard from all the angles. Wait, actually, you don’t have to imagine that. We have Fucky Sucky right here, an interesting new site that brings black giants and Asian cuties together in stories that are both funny and super hot. We like how the tour looks. Don’t you? So simple, focus on the previews — and the really cool stories coming with them. Seriously, read them. These guys got attitude!

Get ready, you are going to see black hunks take tiny little Asian hotties to pound (China) town. But actually it’s not just about the sex here. We mean, of course, the dudes are big and strong and the ladies just cannot get enough, so there’s plenty of nasty nailin’ here. But there’s more to the full length, almost an hour long videos that Fucky Sucky has to offer. Before they get to sex (don’t worry, it’s pretty soon), there’s a cool story there. You will be doing a bit of reading here as well, not just watching and abusing yourself. They publish a story with each episode so that you understand what’s going on — and some of these are pretty hilarious. Like the one where the guy fucked a tailor girl for ruining his pants? Lol. They’re all cool, we also especially enjoyed the one where two masseuse hotties take care of this black giant and his massive black dick. The write-ups itself are also entertaining to read, so it's not just jacking your meat for you, it’s a few chuckles as well. Fucky Sucky has a nice variety of girls, too, some are Japanese, some Thai, what have you. They are all quite next-door looking, sometimes literally picked up from the street. You can tell they genuinely love the proverbial BBC in their mouths, tight Asian pussies, and asses, too. So much authentic Asian fun here!

Black and Asian is a bit of an unusual combination, but that’s the beauty of Fucky Sucky. The site features full length videos that are totally fun to watch. Just look at all these big black men and little Asian girls just losing their minds over the amount of rock hard black meat that they ended up with. In their hands, mouths, pussies, butts, everywhere. Fucky Sucky is fun and cool and offers tons of black on Asian pounding for your entertainment. Check it out!

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