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G Cruise

G Cruise

Review date: 13-Dec-2017 05:56. G Cruise is an ever growing adult gay dating website that specializes in matching gay men for sexual encounters. It's getting more popular every day, with hundreds of new members joining. G Cruise has gone international, so even if you're not from the United States or Canada, you can find thousands of hot gay men to hook up with.

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G Cruise

Intro promises:
So, if you're not up for anything serious and are looking for the fastest and easiest way to find someone good looking to spend the night with, check G Cruise out and see how many members are there in your area. You can join G Cruise anytime for free, which is a great way to find out what are you getting for your money if you decide to upgrade your account. Take a couple of minutes of your time to complete your profile and activate it, and you can instantly start exploring the site. Browse hot pictures of other members and rate them, or snoop around and see what features are available to you. While most dating sites don't have much storage space and limit you with up to 5 photos per user, you can upload as many pictures as you like on G Cruise. In fact, members are encouraged to upload more by having a weekly contest. If you're the top picture poster in the past 7 days, your profile will appear in the top list on the main page, which guarantees to draw the attention of other members that will surely check your pictures out.

If you own a webcam, you can put it to use on G Cruise. Once you get bored with the old fashioned chat, you can switch to hot live talk with other members. There are several chat rooms for people with specific fetishes, such as bears, twinks, bdsm and other fetishes, so you can choose which ever suits you best. There are thousands of men online at all times, so you won't get bored. For some hot live action, you can choose to watch some of the live sex cam channels, with men of all ages and styles getting ready to do whatever you tell them to in a sexy webcam chat. You can choose from group chats and one on one action, so get the one you prefer. Many broadcasts are in HD for the best viewing pleasure, so make sure to check them out. G Cruise has prepared a little extra for its members. While waiting on people's messages, you can heat things up a little with XXX video theater section that has thousands of hours of free fun. Once you become an upgraded member, all these top quality videos will be at your disposal. Choose from 14 different categories that have something for everyone's taste, from interracial to muscly and from oral to twinks. You'll want to upgrade as soon as you can once you've entered the world of G Cruise. There are 2 types of membership for you to choose from, silver and gold. If you go silver, you'll save some money, but some features of the site will be limited to you. I suggest going gold, because gold members get priority over silver members when meeting new people and appearing on search lists, so these few extra dollars are worth it. If you choose the 3 month gold plan, G Cruise rewards you with the 4th month of gold membership, absolutely free of charge, so don't miss this opportunity! Unfortunately, if you don't have a webcam on your computer, you'll have to settle with just messaging people. G Cruise only has a webcam chat option, so if you were looking forward to spending hours in long conversations over old fashioned chat, you'll be disappointed. It's nice that they're keeping up with the new technologies, but some of us are still sticking to old school ways of communication. Plus, not everyone wants to talk to people via webcam on a bad hair day.

G Cruise is a great place to meet other gay men for a little fun in the sack, and if you're thinking about joining, my recommendation is to do it. The members selection is pretty colorful, from twinks to bears and from teens to seniors, so I’m sure you'll find someone you like. When it comes to upgrading, make sure you use the special offer and get 4 months of gold membership for the price of 3.

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