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Game of Lust 2

Game of Lust 2

Review date: 21-Jun-2016 21:28. Game of Lust 2 may have the number 2 in the name, but it’s actually voted number 1 digital sex game in the world. Or so they claim anyway. If you are looking for a bit of a break from watching pictures and videos, Game of Lust 2 is able to offer an entirely different experience. Get ready to create your own scenarios with characters that will blow your mind. Anything is possible!

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    20.1 of 25
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Game of Lust 2

Intro promises:
Whenever the porn site we are reviewing for you next leaves the tradition onal territory, we have mixed feelings about it. Like, for once, it’s nice to experience some change. You used to be stuck with all these pre-filmed photos and videos that are pretty much about you sitting and doing nothing and other people doing everything for you. Now you have something very different. In the case with Game of Lust 2, you have a site offering virtually endless possibilities to create your very own sexual scenarios. With characters straight out of some pervy guy’s fantasies, no less. Is it a good thing? Is it something anybody can enjoy? Probably not. But if you have a thing for fantasy and fantasy characters and paraphernalia, if you can go beyond the imperfections of today’s 3D graphics, especially when it comes to a relatively low budget online product, and when you are, last but not least, horny and naughty – Game of Lust 2 may very well work for you. This exciting new site is one of the better 3D sex games out there, the one where they really try to impress you with the possibilities and the characters and all the nasty ass sex you could possibly be watching. Not just watching, orchestrating, in fact! All these super hung demons and tiny sexy little elves and other characters won’t be able to fuck without you. Let’s get inside and help them!

A huge rack or tiny perky tits? Classic-looking long hair or a short purple cut? A normal-looking male character or a giant demon with a dick so big it looks larger than the girl it’s about to ravish? Normally, and by normally we mean with a conventional adult site, these choices would not have been choices at all for you. But when it’s Game of Lust 2, they are, along with plenty of other interesting things you can do. The site is filled with games that represent a separate scenario each, and within a scenario, you have a certain amount of freedom. The kind of sex to happen next, the camera angle, the position, the intensity, you can choose things like that to your liking. Every scene is different, so you have quite a world to explore – and take control of, too. These are all styled in the same way, with your typical fantasy stuff involved, tiny young female sex slaves, dominant witches, huge elephant dick demons, warlocks, warriors, all that stuff. But you don’t have to be super into that to create an interesting scenario you will be able to beat your meat to. Because let’s face it, pretty soon you’ll end up creating stories so engaging and so in sync with your fantasies that you will be spanking your monkey like there’s no tomorrow. We recommend anyone with an open mind to give Game of Lust 2 a try.

Set your imagination free with Game of Lust 2. This neat-looking place has plenty of the so-called games to keep you interested for days, and they add new items regularly. These are more like scenarios that you can adjust with a certain degree of freedom. Create your own fantasy world porno – and beat off to it! Game of Lust 2 is tons of fun if you are in the right mindset for it. Check it out!

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