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Gape Land

Gape Land

Review date: 28-Feb-2016 13:21. When it comes to gaping assholes, Gape Land is the real land of plenty. The bottom line (yes, there are lots of sexy bottoms involved here) is that it gives access to a generous bunch of ass gaping video episodes as well as literally tons of content in the giant 21Sextury site network. Start with the once tight gaping butts and see where it takes you!

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Gape Land

Intro promises:
What is it that makes you fascinated with big, swollen, gaping assholes ripe and sore after a great deal of hardcore dicking? Maybe it’s the feeling of being the one to change her forever, slamming your victorious and thick-as-hell cock into her tender poop chute which is not going to be tender from now on. Gape Land is a terrific site from 21Sextury, a very reputable and well-known adult entertainment company, which pretty much covers everything you may want to see with once tight gaping assholes. The site is no less than a modern, high class porn product which starts building a good and customer-welcoming image straight away. The tour area is so packed with stuff you might actually have trouble discerning the network offerings from the actual content of the site. But don’t think it’s a bad thing! Gape Land lists a great deal of its episodes with video and photo previews coming with each. Also, it’s great to know the network facts. With thousands of models and exclusive scenes plus dozens of different sites, this is one of the best offers on the porn market today. But let’s not digress from the gaping thing! There are so many barrel-like gaping assholes aiming at you right in the public zone you almost feel compelled to get inside. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Fans of the wrecked ass like we are, we have to grab our thing once we see it.

Gape Land is well-built and packed with stuff, we can tell you that. The site follows the design guidelines of the entire 21Sextury network and offers its plentiful amounts of jack off worthy content wrapped into a nice package. You can easily jump between scenes, top stuff, model catalog and all the network offerings of which there are a lot, and we mean a lot. The site itself is pretty new so the count of exclusive episodes still remains at around 20 with a new one added every week. It might also interest you that some content items are actually taken from other sites and only labeled as being related to glorious gaping. This is more like a new perspective other than a whole new concept. Anyway, the videos are filmed in genuine 1080p HD, and full movies are available for streaming and downloading, as well as their smaller counterparts. The great thing with videos is that the guys allow download managers, so you will never have trouble filling your system with another load of high grade gaping ass porn. The pictures are also there, taken separately, with a professional camera. You will never have to settle for crappier quality screenshots. The action? Well, boy. It’s wild, nasty, and raw in the best possible meaning. The girls love every second of cruel anal violations, and you will love it as well. Close-up footage of their assholes before, after and in the process of anal exploitation will have you drooling all over the place.

Gape Land offers a lot, and you will like it. While the site will be growing and more exclusive episodes will be added, you may concentrate on the plentiful gems in the 21Sextury network with dozens of sites covering just about anything you may think of. For fans of the gaping ass, Gape Land offers a lot of great-looking, closeup-filled movies in high definition. These can be streamed or downloaded, and with the young, sexy, busty girls taking it all the way in their pooper and regretting afterwards, this will be one hell of a ride.

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