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Gay Bear

Gay Bear

Review date: 17-Oct-2017 05:49. Gay Bear is one of those Zen-paradox sites: it has much content, and yet it has nothing. It offers photos and videos of cowboys and military men and construction workers, but one thing you can’t help noticing: the minute you click on any of the offerings, the URL changes from Gay Bear to something else.

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Gay Bear

Intro promises:
What that means is that GayBear has no content of its own: it is entirely assembled from prefabricated content furnished by other pornographers. This kind of construction has Gay Bear obvious advantages if you’re a website owner: you just rent a domain name, and you can put up a site almost instantly without any tiresome photography or filming.

The disadvantage if you’re a consumer is that sites like GayBear normally have no exclusive rights to the content they license, and you have no assurance that you’re getting anything from GayBear that you haven’t seen elsewhere. In fact, if you’ve made the rounds of macho gay porn sites, you’ve very probably seen some or all of it before.

GayBear does at least organize its content around the bear theme: burly, hairy full-grown men, no twinks thrown in for good measure, a consistent character throughout. In fact, if you’re new to gay porn surfing, you might be quite happy with It’s not that the cowboys and soldiers don’t have big hardons or aren’t blowing each other or anything. It’s that a site like this makes you wary of trying other sites for fear of paying for the same blowjobs twice.

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