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Gay Broadband Flicks

Gay Broadband Flicks

Review date: 17-Oct-2017 08:20. If you're gonna give a particular porn site your vote of confidence and have a recurring charge every month for smut, you want to be happy with the content. It should keep your attention, not let it wander to the CD you're burning or your email inbox chime. And it should definitely deliver on the promises it makes to get you to open your wallet.

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    14.7 of 25
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    14.7 of 25
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    12.0 of 20
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    6.0 of 10
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    11.3 of 20

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Gay Broadband Flicks

Intro promises:
Alas, like a not-in-a-fun-way sleazy politician, Gay Broadband Flicks promises you a cock in every pot and then forgets your name after the payola. There's too little stuff here for too much money, even though $35 is on the cheap side of the average website rate. The movies are too few, too short and too bland, and the blurbs for the original content are completely misleading. Definitely not the way to get re-elected!

Let's take a look at the intro for the first featured video featuring Jim and Jon, which brags, 'Watch as these hunks suck each other manhood till their precum is dripping down thier chins. Then see how they work their love muscles deep into thier hot love holes and pound away till they explode thier man seed on each others face.' Great speech, but geez, use your spellchecker, huh? There wasn't any mutual oral, just one guy kicking back and getting sucked for an entire four clips of slow-buffering, streaming video. And where the hell was the anal? I didn't even get to see any asscheek. In fact, every other video's blurb explicitly promised some deep dicking but I didn't see it even once. This campaign's platform is strictly oral, all the way, and after the first two sequences I watched, my mind wandered to other websites' campaigns and what they were doing with their hindquarters at their headquarters. The sound is uniformly terrible for all of the clips. I had to turn my sound all the way up just to hear the sloppy sounds and then jumped out of my chair a minute later when someone knocked over a tripod, apparently right next to the mike. The camerawork is jittery and shots are poorly framed, which sometimes adds to the charm of it all but quickly becomes annoying. And those special interest pop-ups - oy! The bonus pics, movies, and websites just aren't enough to pull the site back together.

Porn-loving taxpayers are too tight with their funds to elect for a monthly fee if they don't get what they were sold. With all of the good sites out there, the bar has been raised for adult websites; the would-be smut officials at GayBroadbandFlicks would to well to keep their pledges to the common smut consumer.

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