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Gay Revenge

Gay Revenge

Review date: 22-Dec-2016 19:13. Those gay breakups are sometimes a bit of nasty. What guys do to make things a bit smoother? Sex with strangers, perhaps? Hot, but how about posting videos of your bitchy ex online so that the world can see him in the most private of moments? Gay Revenge lets hot men from worldwide submit steamy amateur footage – and get their revenge!

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Gay Revenge

Intro promises:
You and your lover made something very private and special – a video or maybe a series of pictures about the two of you sharing some fun and sex. You kept this footage as a token of your good relationship, and then the bastard breaks up with you. Privacy and decency rules apply no more, right? If there’s any comfort you can have here, it must come from posting this hot content online and enjoy realizing hundreds of guys out there beat off to your ex doing private stuff. You might say there’s not much new about the entire thing. But at Gay Revenge, a new, huge and growing gay boyfriend revenge site, things are as hot as they can only be. The site has a very straightforward and simple approach to throwing tons of real life amateur gay videos right at you – with no bullshit involved. The site’s free tour zone lets you experience this approach right before you get in. Check out the handfuls of previews here – images, not videos, but hot as hell for sure. Real life men doing real life stuff, partying, having fun on beaches, getting naughty in public, and of course stripping, swallowing cock, and taking meat up the ass. When you think all of these flicks feature someone’s boyfriend, it all gets an even hotter flavor. We all love a bit of indecent exposure, right?

Just like we said, the site wins your heart and your boner as well with its simple and efficient approach. Cut out the bullshit – Gay Revenge is all about watching, whether these are great quality homegrown gay partying and sex videos, or pictures of the very same thing. Looks like there are quite a few of these pissed off gay boyfriends all over the world! The catalog of submissions here is huge already, and as more people will be finding out about this great new site, it’s about to become even bigger. A simple, usable and friendly member zone lets you play back videos easily, and they also load with great speed. The site has a submit page where you can get instructions on how your own stuff can be sent there. Well, if you are in a situation where your former significant other has been treating you like shit – sorry about that, but looks like it can give other men some jerk-off worthy material! Sending your own content seems easy and fun here, but before you do so, you might want to check out what others have submitted so far. Just for inspiration you know, inspiration to make your own videos perhaps, or just spend some time playing with your boner. Oh and you will totally have a huge one. The variety of hot young men doing it rough here is enormous. And they do all you can think of, maybe a bit more!

Gay Revenge lets unhappy lovers get some post-breakup revenge by letting them reveal their private sex footage to the world. All of these super steamy videos and pic series have a revenge flavor to them, which only makes them hotter. Not that they’re not hot – there are hundreds of hot, hard, hung young men having all sorts of sexy fun, sucking dick, fucking ass, living the gay sex dream to the full. Feel the spirit and get the inspiration to make your own videos or maybe submit the ones you got already. Sorry about your lover being a badass, but at least you can help a few thousand people get off!

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