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Gay Violations

Gay Violations

Review date: 9-Sep-2010 19:23. How much room there is for a prank in gay sex? Gay Violations shows that quite a bit! For fun and gay sex combined, check out this very new and very naughty site with hot men put into all sorts of indecent situations in public. Caught in the act, got their pants pulled down, cocks shoved in their faces and what not, these guys are hot, embarrassed – and owned!

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Gay Violations

Intro promises:
With a site like Gay Violations, you sure as hell need a detailed tour to see what it’s really about. And hell, the guys do a great job here. Browse around and absorb the concept. When there are hot men in the streets, these people just can’t keep their hands off them! With a ton of preview images and about the same amount of preview videos, Gay Violations is pretty good at satisfying your obvious curiosity. See what’s going on here? The site is all about the thrill of doing some really naughty, funny, crazy – and sexy – stuff to hot random men wherever you can find them. We would not recommend trying any of this shit yourself, that’s for sure! How about shoving a used dildo into some dude’s face as he opens the door? Or busting a horny couple of men who are fucking in the bushes and try to escape with their pants down when they realize they are being filmed? Or perhaps you would like to walk on a guy who’s beating his meat in his sports car? Maybe jacking off on an elevator and shooting your sperm onto the guy in front of you sounds like fun? Well, dude, we can say you would not survive long doing this shit in the city. But with Gay Violations, nothing is impossible. Explore the site for a great deal of barely legal and surely offensive fun involving hot men, hard cocks, and real life gay sex as it really happens.

This is fucked up, you say! Sure as hell it is, but isn’t it fun? We doubt there ever has been a site like this. Get inside Gay Violations as soon as you can because everything here looks as can’t miss as it can possibly get. These homeboys, jocks from the hood, policemen and real life piece of man candy look just too hot and innocent not to have some crazy gay sex pranks played on them. The site is a fairly new product so it was launched with a reasonable, but not exactly huge amount of content inside. Everything you love about reality porn action is here. The shaky cameras, the intimidated men trying to hide and not expose their faces, the laughter and real hard cocks bouncing all over the place, those videos are full of this stuff. The site is part of the Gayroom network which is in fact a pretty sizeable selection of varied and great looking gay porn. You can access all of the network sites easily with your single pass. The videos offer a variety of downloadable formats including WMV and MPG, and the Flash-based streaming vids are also available. The matching pictures are high res and them you can also download without any limits. The network gets as many as two updates per day, so basically you can expect quite a bunch of new Gay Violations episodes to be added every single week. You can even submit your own videos, there’s a link in the bottom, but hey, it might be all too dangerous to try this crazy stuff!

Gay Violations is a new and rocking gay porn product with a great balance of fun and sex. Check out the site’s selection of HD videos and pictures featuring all sorts of crazy naughty things done to unsuspecting men in the streets. You get to see hottest jocks ever getting humiliated and owned in ways so nasty and sexy you won’t know which would come first, a laugh or a squirt. But whatever way it works for you, it’s totally worth checking out.

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