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Gays Aboard

Gays Aboard

Review date: 28-Oct-2017 09:57. It's a lot like The Love Boat, except that there are no women and not a lot of clothing. There are no bars, restaurants, or cabarets either, but this ship is solid and sails up and down a gorgeous canal somewhere in Russia, Belarus, Estonia, or similar Baltic State.

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Gays Aboard

Intro promises:
The camera work is quite amateurish, but what you get accidentally with this DIY cinematography are amazing shots of what look to be old government buildings, museums, and apartment blocks that are just jaw dropping in their Soviet stylishness. If it weren't for all of the men sucking each other off and fucking onboard, the videos featured on Gays Aboard could be phenomenal travel-and-tourism clips for the currently unidentifiable city.

The design of Gays Aboard is very straightforward (pun intended) as it features five pages of video content and four pages of photo galleries that are both accessible via drop-down menus in the top navigation bar. The photography is stunningly crisp and bright and the depth of the color is atypical for such an otherwise low-budget site. The videos are formatted as .avi clips and this is where things get a little tricky. AVI is an older format for both audio and video content and, when I initially tried to open my first clip in QuickTime, all I got was choppy audio. Although I've never encountered the AVI format before, the file icon still contained the familiar blue Q for QuickTime, so I was confused (and a little frustrated). Not wanting to take 'no' for an answer from this alien file format, I tried to run it through Windows Media Player and jam it into RealPlayer, but it still gave me the virtual finger. Then I brought it. I went all War Games on its ass and downloaded the DivX plugin for Mac OS X and there it was: Two guys jammed into a booth behind a tiny table on a ship cruising through slightly choppy water awkwardly trying to have sex and I felt vindicated and brilliant! Membership with Gays Aboard includes free access to a number of Gold X Pass sites, including: Gay Hentai, Pretty Twinks, Sweet Boys, Dirty Young Boys, Sometimes Love Can Be Blue, Norwegian Boy Scout, Muscle Boy, Hunk at the Fireplace and others. (Most of these bonus sites are just a few pages of photo sets; so, don't get your hopes too high') This site is fascinating, but not simply because of its adult content. The men have a variety of body types, ranging from downright cherubic to nearly skate rat, with the majority of the men falling firmly somewhere on the twink end of the spectrum. (There are a couple of beefier men onboard who have a fair amount of fur, but there are no bears rockin' this particular boat.) And the subtitles are incredibly fun to read as they range from stock porn melodrama ('Kiss me, bitch'') to just absurdly unnecessary ('Mmmmmmmm'').

The cell phone conversations that pop up in the background every now and then, unfortunately, are not translated. Also in the background of most of the scenes is a local radio station that plays a thrilling combination of American tweaker pop, Russian(?) rock, and Eurodisco. (Amazing, da?) Set a course for adventure and check out The Fuck Boat. (In addition to being exciting and new, it is just really, really weird!)

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