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GF Hardcore

GF Hardcore

Review date: 14-Nov-2014 05:38. So what, you think we’re all about weird micro niche sites around here these days and there’s no way we are going to post a review of a site loaded with raw ex-gf videos? No way, dude. GF Hardcore is brand new and ready to kick your ass. If you are looking to beat off watching really insane and extreme ex-gf videos with fetish outfits, giant black dicks and more, this is your thing.

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GF Hardcore

Intro promises:
If there is such a thing as comfort food, there must be comfort porn. Right? The kind of porn you know you can always go back to and it will never disappoint and will always be fun and satisfying. We feel homemade ex-gf videos are pretty damn close to being comfort porn for us. Not only you can beat off to real life girls doing some nasty stuff, you can also expect to come across some really weird and sick things. We mean, it’s all homemade so who knows what these people could be doing in the privacy of their homes. GF Hardcore is the perfect example here. This site is so damn new it’s not even listed anywhere. From the looks of it, we will not be surprised if it never gets listed, haha. Why? Because it’s out of control. It’s completely extreme and vulgar and obscene and what not. Are you curious already? GF Hardcore specializes in uncensored all-hardcore videos that border on the taboo. Or is all of this stuff taboo? You have a look and you tell us. The tour area is pretty self-explanatory. So many preview screencaps of the videos they have inside, and so much completely insane stuff going on. See how giant these black dicks are? How hard the girls have to work to take them in? We feel like it’s just the beginning and there’s more ahead. Let’s see.

GF Hardcore is really hardcore. Be warned, dude! This place is kinda like most other (good) ex-gf sites. But at the same time, it isn't. With your average site, it’s a pretty well-known and predictable affair. GF Hardcore is quite different. Like, do you expect a video made at home where a girl gets a beer can shoved up her snatch, or someone facefucks a girl and dips her face in the toilet, or when a black dude pushes something looking like a rake up a white girl’s pussy who sits on the stairs? We told you, this shit is insane. Fisting, weird insertions, interracial, a lot of interracial, really, this is what GF Hardcore is all about. Young white girls and older men plus black dudes, this seems to be the common setup here. There’s plenty of regular sex, and there’s plenty of weird stuff. Double pussy fucking, double anal? Sure. Often you are surprised, like, how shit like that can even happen? But most of the time, you are hard as rock, masturbating fiercely. GF Hardcore offers streamable and downloadable movies as well as picture galleries. It’s all amateur stuff so don’t expect this shit to be HD or too consistent in quality and also duration. But the bottom line is, this site is hot and new and fun and you will definitely abuse yourself plenty of times watching all these crazy ass movies.

Check out GF Hardcore and be surprised how sick some people are. Weird sex, bizarre insertions, objects, extreme fucking, taboo interracial escapades, there’s a bit of everything here. The site is extreme in the best meaning of this word. Full of downloadable movies you can enjoy without any limits, GF Hardcore will rock your world and probably make you question the sanity of this world once again. But who cares when this shit is this hot! See GF Hardcore now.

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