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GILF Adventures

GILF Adventures

Review date: 21-Jun-2017 07:30. Granny pornstars, turns out it’s a thing! Take a look at GILF Adventures, a site starring the infamous Lacey Starr (lol), an older lady who just refuses to have a normal 9 to 5 job or maybe even take it easy after being retired. Instead, she’s all about fucking young girls, horse hung black dudes, and do other naughty stuff on camera.

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GILF Adventures

Intro promises:
What do women do when they reach the grandmother stage? There’s usually not much variety there. They just stay at home and take care of their grandkids or some other normal stuff like that. They pretty much never decide they should act on their lifelong desires to eat pussy and suck black cock on camera. Or do they? Wait, there’s this woman here called Lacey Starr. An older blonde with a huge rack, she decided working 9 to 5 is not for her anymore. And so she literally became a pornstar. Looks like it’s working out pretty damn great for her. Not only she is becoming more and more popular, but now she has this site called GILF Adventures where her latest exclusive goodies are posted. No, we do mean it. She’s so successful that she has been named the GILF porn performer of the year 2015. Apparently it’s a thing, yes. Intrigued? Check out the free area here at GILF Adventures and take a look at the freebies available there. We couldn’t find a free video trailer, but some of the preview images are animated. That’s not the same thing, but close enough. The important thing is that the free tour shows you the scope, the range, and the talent of Lacey who seems to be having tons (pun intended) of fun. She plays different characters, she explores different scenarios, but she’s always that granny you’d really like to fuck.

Damn! Lacey here has more ardor and passion than most of the much younger pornstars we know. This sexy old bag is a total firecracker. The fun never stops here at GILF Adventures. Here Lacey is, playing a sex therapist helping young girls out of sexual trouble. Then here she is, getting jizz on her face from a massive black cock. Then she’s getting it on with a thick blonde MILF. Having a petite black cutie sit on her face. Threesomed by two black guys. The list goes on and on. For any fan of granny porn, GILF Adventures truly is an awesome find. Lacey just puts so much into her work. And you can enjoy it in the quality it deserves. All these videos are available in HD, and you can download them without any limits. Time to start building your very own collection of Lacey Starr material! Lacey is equally good in scenes with black guys and in scenes with younger girls as well. These are her two biggest passions, they’re as big as her heavy granny jugs! Quitting that boring job was definitely a good idea. Now Lacey has a job that’s anything but boring. GILF Adventures is definitely a great product, and another bit of good news is that the site comes loaded with bonus goodies and extras. There is this network with 20+ sites in it, and you are going to enjoy most if not all of them.

Say hello to Lacey Starr, the GILF pornstar of your wildest dreams! This heavy busty granny is a real bombshell, fucking black cock and eating teen pussy left and right, You are going to love her interracial and inter-age scenes where she plays different characters and loves every second of fucking and getting fucked. GILF Adventures is loaded with HD downloadables, and your pass to it gets you unlimited access to like 20 other hardcore sites. A must see!

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