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Girls Boarding School

Girls Boarding School

Review date: 15-Aug-2016 11:25. Girls Boarding School is a great site if you like to watch naughty school girls who misbehave get the punishment that is coming to them. This is where the harshest discipline is placed upon these girls, and it involves bare school girl asses and a few paddles and whips. Leave the rest to your imagination, or check out the site and see the horny school girls with the blistered red asses get good spankings and whippings.

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Girls Boarding School

Intro promises:
They scream, moan, and cry, and just wait til you see the tears coming down their faces from the pain. Some of them look paddled so hard that it looks like red blood smeared on their asses, but its from all of the whipping to their tender little schoolgirl skin! There is a cute blonde with braided pigtails who lies on her tummy and gets a good whipping and you can see her cute little shaved pussy while her ass cheeks turn a bright red from all of the whipping. She loves it though, and begs for more from her abuser! You will love her sexy body, too. She just loves getting bright red bottom marks from the carpet beater! And she has the red marks to prove it! She had received bad marks on her report card, so she gets a good beating with a hand and the carpetbeater. This one is full nude and full of spanking! In Production 0551, Elin, a naughty schoolgirl with a braid steals some chocolate and learns the hard way what happens in girls boarding school when you are a thief! Michael pulls her skirt off, bends her over a chair, and takes a wooden paddle to her cute teen ass cheeks. He paddles her so hard that her ass looks like it has streaks of blood from the harsh punishment. I wonder if this naughty schoolgirl will ever steal again? Perhaps she actually likes the paddling! There is this redhead with a fuzzy pussy, with dark red pubic hair, and in the close ups, you can see excellent detail of that hot piece of ass. You can see her bright red marks from being paddled so hard. Both of her ass cheeks are left bright red, with outlines from the paddle! And she just lies on her tummy and takes it. Simone was naughty and had secrets that she was hiding, so this was her punishment Michael paddled her with the wooden paddle good and hard. She may not be a sexy Barbie, but this amateur whore makes the site all the more realistic.

The members area is really easy to navigate. You have the home page, which gives you the latest updates, your favorites, and a way to search for content. There is a link to Bonus Sites, which includes titles like Caught Spanked, Spanking Realities, Whipped Women, Cutie Spankee, 2000 Strokes, and much more. There are also easy links to Support and voting top 20. A list of all of the videos is also on the members main page. Most of the videos have photo galleries that come with them. There are about 20 per video, and they are really good quality pictures. You can see excellent detail, right down to the bright red marks left from paddles, and even slight bruising! You can download the photosets in zip files. The movies are downloadable in short clips, or you can download the full movie. There are screenshots of the movie in each download section, and you can read the comments other users have left about the movie to see if it's one you would like. There is also a rating feature that you can use to rate the movie, or to decide if you want to watch it or not.

The one thing I really enjoyed about this site was the fact that the quality was excellent in the photos and videos. You can really see the detail well in the content, which is very important! There is also a lot of content to check out, especially when you take into consideration all of the bonus sites that come with the membership. I give this one two thumbs up!

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