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Girls Got Cream

Girls Got Cream

Review date: 7-Jun-2016 11:38. This is a site that explores the world of sexy, petite teens letting guys fill up their pussies and asses with hot sticky cum then squeezing the love juice out of their well fucked holes.

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Girls Got Cream

Intro promises:
Girls Got Cream is a creampie/internal cumshot site that focuses on hot teens letting guys fuck them, then shoot their loads into their hot pussies. Once the girls are full of cream, they squeeze the man juice out. There are more and more of these types of sites cropping up out there but what immediately sets this one apart from many others is that all the girls are legal teen babes. The tour is four pages long with large pictures of these hot teens getting fucked and squeezing the jizz out of their pussies and asses. There is no promise of how many pictures or movies are inside the site, but there is a mention that when you join the site you will also get a free membership to another teen site.

Browsing through the girls I notice that they are all very good looking, they are shaved and in most cases they are very fit and petite. Each girl has a link to her pictures in large and small format, her movies and the stills from her movies. I selected a cutie named Michelle. Her large pictures are 1280 X 853 in size and are clear and of a pretty high quality. Most of the pictures are around 80K in size so they should load pretty fast even on slower internet connections. There are 18 galleries with 15 pics in each gallery following her from dressed to naked, fucking and getting filled with hot cum. The smaller pictures are 800 X 533 in size and only about 30K in size, but they do retain their quality and don't look like a lot of pictures do when they are compressed down. This girl's movie is 21 minutes in length and is broken down into five smaller clips. Each clip is presented in four quality grades. The lowest grade, meant strictly for dial-up connections is not very good. It's very grainy and is pretty hard to watch. The next grade up designed for 256K DSL and this movie is a vast improvement over the dial-up version. It's still a little blurry, but it is passable and plays pretty quickly and smoothly. When I clicked the 512K version it too loaded for me very quickly. I have a cable modem so I would expect it to load fast, but I must admit I was a little bit surprised by the speed in which it loaded. It looks better than the 256K version but, to me, still seemed a little bit blurry. Also it broke up some when enlarging it to full screen size. The full screen / broadband version of the movie is a vast improvement over all of the lesser versions. This one is clear; it loaded pretty fast and plays smoothly. In full screen mode it holds its quality perfectly. If I had to make an example I would say that difference is that the full screen version of the movies are like watching a DVD and the 256K and 512K versions are like watching a VHS tape. The stills section for each girl is screen caps of the movie. They are 640 X 480 in size and look pretty nice. The problem is I feel they are kind of wasted space. I would rather see maybe another set of her or something different. These are just the stills from the movie. If I can just watch the movies why would I want to look at the stills of the same movie? It seemed a little bizarre to me. There is a link to some live cams in the site that takes you to a program that will let you chat with the girls for free, but if you want to see them naked you will have to pay for it. The bonus sites are actually pretty cool. There is an anal site and an interracial site and three other teen sites. Both the interracial and anal sites also focus on teens in them. Each of these sites seem to have a good amount of content, some of them even have exclusive content in them. I think, for someone that is into teens, all of these sites along with the site in this review make up a nice collection of sites that are a good value. Alone this site is about average. The pictures are nice and movies are good, but there are only around 30 girls on the site and there is no way of knowing how often it is updated. If it were this site alone I would say that it isn't worth the price since there is no trial membership, but when you add in all the other sites it makes this site a much better deal. If you are into creampies and internal cumshots you may wish to find a different site to join that has more content in that niche, but if you are just curious about them, or have a passing interest in them and want some other stuff as well, this site would probably do well to suit your needs.

I'm typically not one that likes sites that don't offer any type of trial membership to them. I feel if your site really is good people will join it and stay as a member. This site falls into that category, but I find myself recommending it to the casual fan of the creampie / internal cumshot niche. There is limited content for those wanting that type of thing, but the bonus sites help to fill the void left and what content there is is of a high quality.

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