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Girls I Got

Girls I Got

Review date: 10-Mar-2016 12:53. How do you start a porn producer’s career? How about having a room, a camera, and one or several sexy sluts doing naughty shit in front of you while you film? This sure could get you somewhere, right? At Girls I Got, you’ll see tons of episodes like this. Hotties have fun on the bed, whether alone, with other hotties, or with this dude, or all of the above, and everything gets filmed!

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Girls I Got

Intro promises:
Some say too much amateur porn is destroying the smut business as an industry. We say, to hell with these morons. With the avalanche of erotica filmed by real people, adult entertainment has never been so entertaining, that’s what we think. Technology is easily available to everyone, and it’s no wonder so many people shoot all kinds of amateur smut. A site we just found out about is called Girls I Got and it is a perfect example of how awesome amateur porn gets made – and stays hot at all times. Not just because it has all this naughty stuff going on, but because it is made by real people and features real people too, people from all walks of life. The concept here is that there is this dude, and he has a camera and porn director’s ambitions. He also has this room – which actually may be a motel room, but who the hell cares. The important thing is, he invites hot sluts over and has fun with them or lets them have fun by themselves, or with each other, if there are many. Whatever happens, it all gets filmed on his camera, and then it ends up inside Girls I Got. Yes, it’s amateur POV porn with one and the same dude behind the whole thing. See the tour to check out all these preview screencaps of what happens in this room. A lot happens, as you can see. Sweet young girls are going wild in front of it, turned on by being on camera for the first time, and when the things get way too steamy, they get dick slammed into them – POV style!

You know what non-professional porn performers have that the ones who get paid for it often lack? They’re still hungry for it. You can see it in the way they act, talk, and fuck. Add this lovely first timer awkwardness and you have quite a show. The kind of show Girls I Got will give you non-stop for days and days! This dude’s endeavors have brought us dozens of exclusive episodes covering all sorts of subjects. Got a cameltoe fetish or maybe a thing for stockings? Like girls playing with big sex toys? Enjoy POV porn which makes you think it’s you doing her in the ass? Girl on girl sex, perhaps, or hot girls smoking? Well, Girls I Got has all of it, and much more. It’s great that this guy has such imagination and that he’s that good at picking up all manner of sexy bitches who don’t mind getting filmed as they get themselves and other girls off. This has to be one of the best amateur porn sites we have ever seen. The balance between POV shoots with the guy in them and other stuff where he just puts the camera and never gets into the picture is also very enjoyable. Girls I Got could easily be the one and only amateur porn site you will ever need. But don’t take our word for it. You deserve to see it all with your own eyes!

It really doesn’t matter what you want to see next. From pierced girls to lesbian sex and from big, buzzing sex toys to smoking and cameltoe fetishes, Girls I Got covers it all, with plenty of good old fucking always involved, of course. Amateur porn barely ever gets this fun and entertaining. This guy may not have the most expensive equipment, but these flicks come in really good quality and they cover all the areas you barely see covered by more conventional amateur porn sites. Support awesomeness and creativity, check out these outrageously hot and real POV vids at Girls I Got right now!

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