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Glory Hole Secrets

Glory Hole Secrets

Review date: 20-Oct-2013 11:01. Best niche porn? Made by people who really enjoy that particular thing, that’s for sure. Glory Hole Secrets was made by guys who enjoy getting their dicks sucked by anonymous hotties in a booth. So they made this booth, put HD cameras around, invited hot sexy neighborhood cocksucking sluts, and brought their friends to have fun. It resulted in a great website that you need to see now!

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Glory Hole Secrets

Intro promises:
Glory hole sex is one of those things that will always be popular. We mean, who doesn't like sticking his cock into a hole in the wall and have it stroked and sucked and what not by an anonymous cocksucking enthusiast? This is a very American thing, a cultural thing, if you like. So, it’s not at all a surprise there are guys out there who want to recreate this experience in the most authentic way possible. Meet Glory Hole Secrets, a place launched and maintained by glory hole sex aficionados just like you. The site is all about anonymous encounters in a booth. A girl or several girls is there, not because she got paid or anything, but because she genuinely enjoys blowing unknown men. There are a few HD cameras around the booth, and then a guy the site owners invited sticks his big thing through the hole. Who knows what’s going to happen next! It’s completely emotion and passion driven, no fakes. Glory Hole Secrets has a classic look and feel about it. We guess this is the way sites look before porn went too commercial. There’s extensive info about how this place came to be and what’s their mission. Make sure your read the About section – and also make sure you watch the free video trailers and maybe even subscribe to get the hottest freebies once in a while! Glory Hole Secrets seems to be all about the pure joy of glory hole sex. Let’s step inside and enjoy everything they’ve got for us so far.

It must be the anonymous bit that makes glory hole sex so intense and enjoyable. Glory Hole Secrets takes pride in the way they do all things glory hole around here. It’s all quite simple but at the same time pretty awesome. They have this booth, and there are several HD cameras installed in different spots. They invite hot neighborhood girls and some studs and the party’s on. Everybody’s into anonymous glory hole sex and nobody knows each other’s name! Glory Hole Secrets offers full length HD videos and photo episodes. Both have 1080p as the highest quality mode. In many episodes, there’s a bit of a beginning as well, you see how the dudes drive around and pick up random street cuties making that ultimate offer. Would you like to be in a dark booth, sucking a stranger’s cock, miss? Sometimes it may sound too weird, and the girls do it in pairs. Nobody says they don’t fool around with each other as well! Glory Hole Secrets may be a new site, but it has tens of episodes already. There are around three updates every week, and the videos are pretty long, over 30 minutes each for sure. A thumbnail for each episode features the girl (or the girls) who are in it, so you can pick your next thing to watch based on whether you think the girl is really hot. For a site built by aficionados, Glory Hole Secrets is very neat-looking and well-maintained. We will love to see it grow and become even better, looks like the guys are having fun!

Glory Hole Secrets shows everything that’s great about a neighborhood glory hole sex get together. You will see real life girls picked up right off the street and ending up blowing fat rods and getting sprayed with fresh glory hole juice. Glory Hole Secrets has a strong amateur flavor to it, but it’s also very customer-friendly. You’ll enjoy the multi-angle 1080p HD videos that run for over half an hour each, with incredible amounts of honest, uninhibited glory hole sucking and stroking and what not in it. Check Glory Hole Secrets out now, it’s scorching hot!

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