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Glory Hole Swallow

Glory Hole Swallow

Review date: 30-Sep-2015 09:27. This one used to be called Glory Hole Hustlers. It’s Glory Hole Swallow now, and it’s rocking harder than ever. The original thing from Phoenix, Arizona, Glory Hole swallows has glory hole videos that are just mind-blowing. Set in actual video arcades and adult bookstores, these episodes are long, real, unpredictable – and they also come in original HD quality. What else is there?

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Glory Hole Swallow

Intro promises:
Was the glory hole invented in America? We figure it was, and it’s definitely among the greatest things American culture has given the world. This glory hole thing is just loaded with thrills and adventure and eroticism and filthiness and what not. The anonymity drives the heat up a few big notches for sure. Many sites attempt to cover this glory hole subject, but very few have succeeded. One of the best of the ones that have is Glory Hole Swallow, formerly known as Glory Hole Hustlers. They must have had a bit of a copyright issue here, but whatever the reason for the name change was, the site is back and it’s rocking harder than ever. That said, it was rocking quite hard before, too. Anyway, the site got this revamping and glory hole porn fans got something really great to check out. The tour is nothing short of great. For starters, the whole site is a project of this one guy and you feel a personalized approach all the way through. Then, lots of site facts are listed, there’s a video trailer from the newest update, and generally this feels like a thing made with love, not just another faceless cookie cutter site with generic content. Don’t miss the trailer, man, all the gems of the site unfold when you watch it. And it’s not even the full thing, it’s just a trailer!

Like we said, the site is different from the rest. First thing to say, this is the original thing made by a fan of the scene, not just a commercial thing from a big ass studio. This guy does know his stuff. Picking up real girls in Phoenix or Arizona who like the idea of getting their mouths full of some stranger’s cum in a booth, he creates truly beautiful videos with them, many well over 60 minutes long. Why so long? First he interviews the girls, and not just first, he also talks to them after the shoot. Then, the action itself is quite lengthy and varied. Sometimes guys would just get out of the booth, approach the girl and stab her skull with their dick this way. Also, it’s not just about sucking and stroking that glory hole dick. The girls would occasionally bend over and take some from behind pounding. There are well over 150 original exclusive HD glory hole videos here, and there’s new stuff every Friday. The member forum lets you share your ideas and fantasies, and there are a few bonus things here like live sex shows. Still, this is not a faceless site made by someone who only cares about charging you. Glory Hole Swallow is an original, one of a kind product which really puts the glory hole porn thing to a new level.

Glory Hole Swallow is original all the way. The girls are exclusive to the site, the shooting style (observe the darkened glory hole booth scenes) is unique as well. Pretty much everything is great here. The guy who maintains the site really cares about us the customers. You get to see an honest selection of 720p HD videos in a choice of formats, plus a great deal of hi-res pictures. No filler content here and no bullshit, just original glory hole sex action from the filthiest and the dirtiest adult book stores in Phoenix, Arizona. Check this one out, glory hole porn barely gets any more fun!

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