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Review date: 1-Dec-2016 06:45. GloryHole: a hole that has been cut out for the sole purpose of having your cock sucked anonymously. Watch as honed cocksucking honnies suck a dick sticking through a hole in the wall, be it in the washroom, at a peep show etc., until it explodes all over their faces, lips and mouth!

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Intro promises:
Gory Hole is one of those sites that have jumped on to the fetish bandwagon in this ever-increasing niche. It also happens to be on of the largest and most popular. The concept revolves around a mans fantasy about going to a public washroom et al. seeing a hole, sticking his dick through it and getting it royally sucked on until he shoots his wad. The cocksucker never knows whose knob she polished, and the suckee never sees who brought him to orgasm. It’s totally anonymous. Glory Hole currently has over 30 girls that have discovered the various glory holes. A couple were disgusted with the concept and backed out but the rest are amazed and intrigued and end up sucking with abandon. Each girl has a picture set that contains anywhere from 125 – 250 images. They are divided into galleries of 24 images each. Click on a thumb and the image is displayed full screen. The still images are nice but it’s the videos that draw volumes of traffic to this site. They are high quality and are available for viewing as streams or downloadable to your hard drive. They can be viewed small or full screen in MPEG format. Each girl’s video is broken down into smaller clips approx. 2 minutes long. The full-length video is available to download but is 15-25 minutes long. Whatever your connection, Glory Hole is ready to display their material. Unfortunately membership to the site doesn’t include any addition hardcore content, there are no bonus sites included. The only “extra” available are some erotic stories and games.

This is any area where this site shines; the quality of the imagery is spectacular. The still images, while simple vipcaps, are perfectly sharp, in focus and well lit. This carries over to the much-anticipated video sections. Each video is obviously professionally produced. The small cubicle where the action takes place in no way inhibits the crew from attaining top-notch angles, audio and overall production value. The still image thumbs link to full-page high resolution, high quality pictures. The videos are available for both low and high-speed connections but the quality difference between the two offerings is minimal. The videos can thus be played according to your connection type. All videos are of extremely high quality. The quality of the cast is dependant on what you are looking for. If you are looking for girls with pornstar looks than they are not here. When judging cast quality for a site, I look at what the site is trying to depict. In this case it is anonymous blowjobs by unabashed cock sucking whores. In this respect it delivers hands down. Most of the girls are average to good lucking but they all love to suck a big black dick. Some for the first time! The whole concept of a glory hole has been around for years (especially in the gay porn arena). What determines content originality is the exclusivity of the content available on a particular site. The site promises 100% original content and it provides it. There are many glory hole sites around, all based on the same premise, but the chocolate log lickers located here can be seen nowhere else. The site owners go to great strides ensuring that their content is not stolen or widely distributed. Even after becoming a member there is another internal password protected area for you to go through to view the videos. There is also no inclusion to bonus sites that would thus include access to Glory Hole as a bonus to membership with their individual sites. Content is well protected. The content is so original that seekers of this niche tend to join several sites in an attempt to appease their sexual appetite. This is usually one of those included sites as it has exclusive, high quality anonymous cocksucking content. This site updates 3 times weekly, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. What is actually occurring is that a new girl is added weekly but her episode is uploaded in three instalments. At the end of the week her complete episode will be available for the members viewing pleasure. The site has been up for less than a year and from what I can see hasn’t missed an update yet. The updates are so hot in their specific niche that they are very much anticipated by current members. The site is very easy to navigate through. Upon entering the membership page is filled with vidcaps of the various Hoover heiresses. Each girl has 4 thumbs displayed, directly under the thumbs are links to her vidcap galleries and her videos. The entrance to the videos is clearly identified for low or high bandwidth connection types. Upon entering a vidcap gallery page you simple click on a thumb and the full-page high-resolution image is displayed. After entering the video page the videos are presented in their 2-minute segments from top to bottom with a link to download the entire movie as a single file located at the very bottom. Since there are no additional content or bonus sites there is no menus to peruse and no other links available on the site. For a site so popular you think the owners would upgrade the look a bit. I guess this is the look they are going for, a white trash, slum, and piss hole sort of look. In that respect, the site delivers. Most of the action takes place in skanky locations so the site design matches the overall concept. The red page background is obnoxious and passé and the simple black text utilized in the logo etc are simply amateurish. If they were attempting to attain a graffiti type look they definitely failed. The site design needs a general overhaul. While there is not a tremendous amount of content on the site it is original and exclusive, therefore you won’t find a lot of irrelevant content here, just the content you want: dirty sluts sucking big black dicks through holes in scummy walls. The viewer gets what he is looking for as promised. Since the content is limited you would think that the price would be lowered slightly. Also where is the free trial period? This is a staple on the net in this day and age. The site may be extremely popular and profitable but without offering a cheaper trial period the site is definitely scaring off many potential members. The influx of new content on a weekly basis will increase the amount of overall content available very rapidly.

There are some good and bad points to the Glory Hole site. I love the concept and it is a tried and true formula. The girls give it their all and it is quite interesting to see the various cocksucking techniques employed by the individual mouth hoes. The girls become simply that, an anonymous warm, wet mouth that tugs, licks and sucks on a huge ebony rod until an eruption of semen spews everywhere. There is no personal relationships here, just a girl and her cock (sometimes two), and her ambition to get it fully aroused and off. Some of the girls even back their ass up to the piss-stained walls to get off themselves. The qualities of the materials presented are first rate. The videos are definitely among the best seen for this reality genre. It is supposed to be a spontaneous reality type-site but come on, how many girls do you know that would walk into a disgusting cubicle, see a large hole in the wall with some duct tape around it, a gigantic black dick suddenly appears through it, and they start sucking like there’s no tomorrow. I wish! The situations are definitely contrived but who cares. The action is hot! This is one of the largest membership sites in the adult business but you wonder how. The free tour is censored and shows only small 10 second clips. Granted you get to hear all the audio and that is definitely hot, but I would also like to see what I’m going to pay for. To top that off, there is no trial period for a smaller fee. They want me to buy a membership right away after seeing practically nothing. Thankfully this is where we come in. I have reviewed the site from top to bottom and wholeheartedly recommend it to the glory hole or blowjob connoisseur. The anonymous blowjobs will satisfy your desires and, watching the different techniques applied to a cock seemingly without a body attached is an exciting experience. Highly recommended. The weekly updates won’t come fast enough. Yet if you seek a more mainstream type of hardcore action than this site is probably not for you.

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