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Gloryhole Girlz

Gloryhole Girlz

Review date: 4-May-2017 06:25. This is OK. Like the rest of the sites that are part of the Stall network, it's a sleazy slice of amateur grunge porn. And what is sleazier than a gloryhole? Not much, dear readers.

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Gloryhole Girlz

Intro promises:
Of the sites in this network we visited, we thought this was the best. First off, it seems to be updating every week. They were up to 38 girls when we visited, each with about 30 minutes of gloryhole cocksucking. You can browse the full line-up for free on the site tour, and even download video trailers for each of the girls. So you know what you're getting.

The action is what you would expect. Girls kneeling in front of a hole in the wall and servicing a line-up of anonymous dicks. The action is almost all oral, but there is some hardcore as well when a few of the girls back up to the hole and actually get fucked. We can't imagine where the camera guy managed to stick himself to get some of these shots. The sound is decent as far as catching all of the nice sucking noises. There's also a porn movie playing in the background of the booth throughout most of the clips, which is at least better than the usual porn muzak. Also nice is the way the clips can be downloaded in large single files or as shorter clips (around 10 megs) for modem users. Very considerate. But this site is also quite limited. 30 minutes of one girl, often in the same position, sucking cock, can get a bit repetitive. Production values are, as you might expect, non-existent. The booth is quite dark and the action has to be lit by a single harsh light. For some reason the camera never gets in really close with the cocksucking (which was strange considering the fact that there can't be a whole lot of room to maneuver). The girls are average looking at best. There wasn't much set up in any of the clips we saw. Just, "Hi, I'm and I'm a gloryhole girl!" before getting down to it. The pics are just shots taken during the action (yes, you can see the flashes going off). The video itself only plays back at 263 kb/s.

Still, we have to say that GloryholeGirlz delivers exactly what it promises. The previews and site tour are not misleading. It's very raw and sleazy and you do get long videos of exclusive, grubby, gloryhole action. You know if that's your thing.

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