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Grand Bang Auto

Grand Bang Auto

Review date: 11-Jan-2017 09:11. Know the massively popular game Grand Theft Auto? Of course you do. Everybody does. Grand Bang Auto is a terrific 3D porn parody game that lets you have all the sex you have been missing out on while playing the actual game. Become the king of the city and get the city’s best pussy — a great thing to enjoy after a successful heist. Let’s see!

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Grand Bang Auto

Intro promises:
What do you think about porn parodies? Some think they’re too cheesy while others really enjoy a chance to check out all the hardcore action in the setting they like. Something they couldn’t have done otherwise. What about 3D interactive game porn parodies then? Definitely a much rarer beast. But hey, if it’s a parody of a game, it better be a game as well, right? Grand Theft Auto, or GTA, is a massively popular game with nothing less than a cult following. Crime, violence, money, freedom, these are all attractive things that draw millions to this digital universe. And now, there’s sex there as well. How? With the help of Grand Bang Auto, of course. This is a brand new site that we have just discovered, and we feel it’s totally worth your attention. It’s not exactly your traditional subscription-based site with videos and photos. It’s a 3D game that puts you in control of what’s going on — at least to an extent. Damn, they really made the free tour area look very appealing. It follows the familiar visual style of the game with great precision. We doubt that things like that are fully legal, but who knows, maybe they have good lawyers. Either way, Grand Bang Auto is a 3D porn parody game that lets you recreate situations from the GTA universe with tons of uncensored sex, and you know how wild things can get in that universe!

How good a porn parody can possibly get? In most cases, not exactly the same kind of good as the original thing. After all, it’s literally impossible that a porn company making a parody thing will have as big of a budget as the original production. So you have to cut some slack usually. In the case with Grand Bang Auto, there is not much slack to cut. It is a pretty high grade thing. Of course, it’s not exactly the game itself. It does not have the same freedom of movement and the same vast world. But Grand Bang Auto is still quite enjoyable. The site brings uncensored and very steamy sex with all kinds of hotties, black, white, or Asian, to the dog eat dog world of Grand Theft Auto. After a successful heist, what’s better than fucking a glamorous supermodel literally next to your massive load of cash? Grand Bang Auto lets you live out situations where you can make choices how to make what’s going on even hotter. You have certain freedom to choose angles, positions, and things like that. You can also switch to POV! With the game’s awesome graphics, it’s very easy to imagine yourself in the GTA world, boning hotties left and right. Isn’t it what you always wanted? It’s not just isolated scenes, you gain levels and can do more. We’ll leave you to explore the Grand Bang Auto world, it’s worth it.

Explore the world of Grand Theft Auto like never before. Enjoy Grand Bang Auto with amazing 3D visualizations of ultra hardcore sex set in the wild and action-packed GTA universe. The site puts you in control of the action, because you want it and you deserve it. Grand Bang Auto is all about engineering exactly the sex scenes you always wanted to act out. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind site and start playing Grand Bang Auto now!

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