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Grand Dadz

Grand Dadz

Review date: 25-Feb-2017 05:57. If you are into the whole young girl, older (much older) man, you may have heard of a site called Beauty and the Senior. Not only it had a clever name, there was also tons of very interesting content. Turns out now the site is rebranded as Granddadz. A new fresh look, plenty of new features, of course, new content, and more! Let’s see.

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Grand Dadz

Intro promises:
The old and young theme will never get old, lol. There are just so many things you can think about in a fun enjoyable way when you are watching a very old dude do a young chick. Or perhaps vice versa, a young girl do a much, much older man. Old enough to be her grandfather, possibly. She must be turned on so much by this whole thing because she feels it’s wrong! She’s being a bad girl, and nothing makes the pussy juices flow better. For the man, it’s a good deal, too, it’s almost like he’s a vampire sucking a bit of youth from her! It’s a powerful sexual thing, and we bet a lot of different people find a lot of different things to enjoy about the old vs young erotica we all know and love. You could have heard of a site called Beauty and the Senior. Turns out they relaunched it, and it’s now called Granddadz. Better design, more content, new features. This is the kind of revamping we know and love. Is Granddadz about things like that? Let’s take a closer look and find out. The free area is loaded with action already. We love how they categorize the samples into 50+ seniors, 60+ seniors, 70+ seniors. Geezers like that can still get it up, that’s cool haha. Granddadz is for real, it seems. We wonder what the member area holds for us.

So why would a hot young girl fuck a disgusting old man, do you think? What are the possible scenarios? Don’t worry, these questions are all answered inside Granddadz. The site provides an almost endless variety of stories. No, it’s not just young chicks and old men getting it on for no reason. There’s always a story, and it makes the whole thing just so much more enjoyable. Our favorite ones are about desperate girls who don’t have any choice. Like, they are broke or homeless or stuff like that. You should see how happy the geezers are! It’s fun to read the write-ups to episodes, and of course it’s fun to watch the HD movies and browse the photos. Everything is super crisp and high quality, and you can see everything in great detail. Except with those 70+ old dudes, maybe you don’t want such great detail lol. Anyway, the site provides hours of high grade entertainment with its Beauty and the Senior archive, brand new episodes, plus some bonus content from big porn brands. The site looks clean and is very simple to navigate, and nothing will distract you from watching what you enjoy most, young sluts choking on some super old dick! It’s great that they decided to split their content collection into episodes with men of different age. Whether you want like middle aged or really very fucking old, Granddadz got stuff you can enjoy.

If you are into the whole old vs young thing, you should see Granddadz right now. It’s Beauty and the Senior rebranded, and this is a brand you can trust, believe us. Tons of HD footage here, really clever stories of how young girls ended up men old enough to be their grandpas, and tons of other cool shit. The 1080p HD quality really helps, too. Bonus episodes, new content, old Beauty and the Senior content, Granddadz has it all. See it now!

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