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Grooby Archives

Grooby Archives

Review date: 26-May-2017 06:09. They claim that Grooby Archives is the biggest shemale porn site in the world. I obviously don't have the numbers for all of them but I feel pretty confident in that assertion because I've seen the numbers.

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Grooby Archives

Intro promises:
They have more than 65,000 photo sets (that's individual sets, not just photos) and 3,600+ movies and if there's a site with a great content collection I haven't seen it yet. The tour isn't particularly useful but they do have some free pictures and video clips.

The member's area is dead simple and that's a problem. You saw those content numbers, right? How does it strike you that they don't have a search function? They have all the content listed by model. You can browse the picture galleries by model or browse the videos by model or just browse a full list of the models. That's more than 3,500 models so you can see why that can become an exercise in frustration. It would take a lot of work to create a search engine since they'd have to go through and assign categories of some sort to every content set but as it is the site is frustrating to navigate. If you know what model you're looking for then you'll be a little less frustrated but they don't even bother to separate them into the four ethnic categories they highlighted on the tour so if you don't know what model you're looking for you'll be busy looking through the headshots. Every model page is a long list of headshot pictures showing the trannies you can enjoy. They could have made it so much easier but they clearly chose not to. It's no surprise but a lot of the models here are unattractive, by which I mean they lack the kind of femininity that I find appealing in a shemale. When you click on a model's picture you get a list of the galleries and videos she has available. There only information on the sets is a picture so you'll have to guess as to what's happening in them in many cases. They have a little of everything here but the vast majority of the content is solo posing. The shemales model their hot bodies and they do so lustily. They produce quality content here, without question. The photography and video work is skilled, even on the stuff that was clearly produced a long time ago. I can't help but feeling like it's an exercise in frustration to join the site though. Some of the videos have no preview picture so you don't even know what you're downloading when you right click.

Grooby Archives is a big shemale porn site but it's not necessarily a good shemale porn site. They have tons and tons of content but they've made no effort to organize it for you other than to put it in alphabetical order. Even something simple like separating the models by ethnicity would have been appreciated. Many of the shemales featured are unattractive and the whole thing felt more like an exercise in frustration than a rewarding shemale porn experience.

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