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Grooby VR

Grooby VR

Review date: 29-Jul-2018 05:14. If your tranny porn does not seem spicy enough (imagine that), you should take a look at Grooby VR. As you can tell from the name, the site brings virtual reality technologies to the raw and sweaty and kinky world of tranny porn. But there’s more! These first person virtual reality experiences give you a choice you could never have with regular TS porn.

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Grooby VR

Intro promises:
It does not seem like this virtual reality trend will stop any time soon. More and more porn producers turn to VR in attempt to refresh their content and give the viewers a new angle — literally. It is definitely working with at least some sites out there. We are actually reviewing the best of them here for you. Well, duh, right? We have a delicious little nugget called Grooby VR that we think nobody should miss out on. If you like tranny porn, that is. We know you do, you dirty bastard. So many men are at least familiar with dickgirl stuff, and many have beaten their meat to a steamy TS fuck flick at least once. With Grooby VR, you can step up your tranny porn game. Yes, with virtual reality. But the site does not stop there. Yes, they do shoot their tranny fuck films in this new format. Yes, they provide support for all the major virtual reality platforms available today. But they do something else that pretty much nobody does. They let you choose between two perspectives here! The guy or the dickgirl. Or either of the dickgirls, if it’s a tranny on tranny scene. Yes, they do have those as well. You must be pretty curious already. Ha, we know you’re curious, you watch tranny porn. Just kidding. Let’s dig in right now, there’s nothing to wait for.

Got your gear ready for Grooby VR? And by gear we do not just mean your boner. Normally it would mean just that. But as long as Grooby VR is a virtual reality site, there’s one more detail not to miss. As most high grade sites, Grooby VR supports all the biggest VR platforms of today. HTC Vive, check. Oculus Rift, check. Samsung Gear VR and Playstation VR, check. The funny smartphone thing with the cardboard? Yes, that, too. Even though we gotta say, we feel like a site as cool as this one deserves the best tech you can get. The videos, of course, have binaural sound, so if you pay attention to things like that, the immersion will blow your mind. Then there is of course the 180 degree freedom. No details of the tranny hookup will escape you! These are all cool things, but they’re pretty standard. Where Grooby VR does stand out is this. With many episodes, they let you choose whose side you will be on, so to speak. It could be a dickgirl on dickgirl scene, or a guy on dickgirl scene. You are welcome to switch between the two perspectives for an experience that will be satisfying beyond your wildest dreams. That’s right, you got it. You can imagine yourself being the tgirl in a tgirl on tgirl fuck flick. If this is not the dream, we don’t know what is.

Grooby VR is all about bringing virtual reality tech to the world of tranny porn. And vice versa. Brought to you by the (in)famous Grooby Productions, this hotspot does not have as much content as their other sites. But the content is nothing short of mind-blowing. You can be one of the tgirls in a tgirl on tgirl scene! Plus, many other possibilities for the quality conscious tranny porn watching freak that you are. See Grooby VR right now!

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