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Group Banged

Group Banged

Review date: 3-Mar-2017 07:42. Turns out gangbangs are not just a commercial porn thing. Real life people also enjoy them! Take a look at Group Banged where next door girls, or 2, or maybe 3 face the challenge of getting deep-dicked by a gang of guys hell knows how big. And in addition to watching all these insane videos, you can be in one of them yourself! Group Banged has more info.

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Group Banged

Intro promises:
Do people actually do all the crazy sexual shit we see in porn, or is it just for the show? Well, at least when it comes to gangbangs, now we know. Now we know that there are real life girls out there who like getting fiercely fucked by crowds of random men who then proceed to spray their seed all over the insatiable cum sluts. We know all that because of this brand new site called Group Banged. It specialises in original amateur gangbang videos that are the real deal in every possible way. Just check out what’s going on in the free tour area. The previews, still and animated, show just how big the crowd can get at these events. Matter of fact, something else should also be getting bigger just about now! It’s such a hot thing to think about. A local girl taking on random men one after another, several at a time, they take turns just fucking her into that sweet mindless bliss where she is not sure what is going on anymore. This is the ultimate slutiness, we guess. The tour design is dark and a little bit menacing. Ooh, it’s going to get real nasty! Wait, the real treat awaits you ahead. Something you don’t get very often. Just keep reading and find out everything you need to know in this Group Banged review.

Whoa, this shit is really out of control! Group Banged definitely has the messiest amateur gangbang footage you can only hope to find online. And mind you, it’s a decent high quality site. You don’t have to browse these low level scammy sites with tons of popups and viruses just to be able to rub one out to a kickass gangbang porn flick. Warning, these videos are messy. Some of the gangs are so big in the end you won’t be able to tell whose cock and whose whatever else that is. And imagine what the girl is feeling! Actually, sometimes it’s even several girls. Group Banged offers honest full length videos of gangbangs where people pretty much just lose control and lose their human traits and become horny beasts. Is this why you love watching shit like that so much? You dirty animal! The videos here at Group Banged may not be the highest quality porn you will ever see, that’s for sure. Not glamorous ultra high def super polished stuff. But damn, they are so realistic. Not realistic even, but real, and very raw. These are real people, so of course they don't look pornstar perfect. Not the guys, not the girls. But we did not visit Group Banged for that. The site provides a unique insight into the world of underground sex parties where girls just lose their damn minds being surrounded by more rock hard cocks than they can count.

Group Banged is an interesting new hotspot of amateur gangbang porn. These underground sex parties are out of control! Don’t miss out your opportunity to see girls surrounded by like a dozen men, all willing to fuck her, and the girl is so drunk on cock and cum she does not know what she is. Oh and did we mention the best part? You can join these orgies for real! So, see Group Banged now for details!

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