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Guy Curious

Guy Curious

Review date: 14-Oct-2017 06:28. Not sure what you are looking for? This place has every color, size, and style you can imagine. No, I'm not talking about cars. I'm talking about men! Come and enjoy the bountiful variety at Guy Curious. I know I did.

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Guy Curious

Intro promises:
The biggest advantage to a site like this is the sheer enormity of it all. This site is huge, and it would take days if not weeks to explore every detail. There are so many different types of men that I almost don't know what to do with myself. Almost. Not that there aren't some problems with this site. I found dead links and media compatibility issues. At times the image size/resolution could have been better, and some of the files were corrupt. Often, the movies were short and could have been more satisfying.

However, the live-feed video chats (whose links survived and were operable) are extraordinary. The galleries are never-ending and are mostly well done. It was so easy to find vast amounts of delicious and horny studs, and I located my favorites in no time. Having happily found the twinks, I drooled over Boys Condo, which is about'err'cute teens that live together in a condo. (What more do you need to know?) I discovered smart content in the online magazines, not to mention precious personal information and statistics about the hot models. Man was on the menu, and I was eating it up. I appreciated the overall tone of the site: very playful, friendly and fun. Guy Curious doesn't take itself too seriously and simply makes you happy to be there. It's rather like being at a comfortable party, only everyone is naked, generally good-looking, and getting off.

So'like him on a pillar? In the kitchen? On the couch? Through a hole? In a tree? On a stick? You've got your pick. Want him bookish? Brooding? Buff? Beefy? Boyish? If you're interested in cock and ass, there's loads of it dished up here in just about any flavor you could want.

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