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Guys Lucky Day

Guys Lucky Day

Review date: 14-Oct-2017 06:10. Let me tell you about my lucky day: I woke up feeling refreshed, and my roommate had cooked me breakfast. Later, I found a $5 bill on the street, and that night I got a hot woman's phone number.

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Guys Lucky Day

Intro promises:
Let me tell you about Jake's lucky day: Jake is a used car salesman. On this particular day, two attractive blonde women approach Jake and ask him about a car. Jake lets them test-drive the vehicle. Eventually, Jake is the one being test-driven, in a mind-boggling array of positions. Whose lucky day would you rather have? Yeah, me, too. Wait, you said Jake's, right? Just checking. Jake's 'lucky day' is part of a series of 'Guy's lucky day' movies on Guys Lucky Day. The premise is simple ' two women find a guy, convince him to have sex with both of them at once, then fuck his brains out. At multiple points during the videos, someone points out that this is his lucky day. And here I was reminiscing about that $5 bill'

Let's start with the downsides: first, I hate distracting background colors. Where nowhiringsluts is 'Blinding Yellow,' this site is 'Thundercats Orange.' It accentuates the pictures at the expense of good taste. Another problem is the limited number of 'lucky days' ' only 9. They're long videos, with lots of still shots, but if you get bored of those nine, you're boned ' and not in the 'lucky day' way. There are promotional links all over the member's area, including banner ads for penis enlargement (not what I want to see while watching a 'randomly selected' guy with a dick bigger than my arm). Basically, the site has minimal original content, and seems intended to serve as a portal. There are positive aspects to the site. The content is easy to navigate, and is of reasonable quality. The guys aren't trolls, and the women are fairly attractive and know what they're doing. Granted, there are moments when the woman sounds like she'd rather have a 'lucky day' at the laundromat than be giving the guy his lucky day, but it's slightly above-average porn with a slightly above-average gimmick that keeps your attention until the boning begins. Tons of still images are available for each video, but there are only 9 per page ' so you have to keep clicking 'next' to get to the good pictures. Also, the videos are broken into a dozen or so pieces. Just once I'd like to see a site that gives me the option to download the entire 100mb movie at one shot. And I guess you can't have it all, but I'd really like to think that the guy they get to play 'Rick' (supposedly a married college professor) doesn't have a 'prince albert' piercing, and that it takes more than 15 seconds to convince him to cheat on his wife.

The videos and pictures aren't bad, but they're not great, either. This site rates a solid 'C' in my book, but gets a bump up to 'C+' thanks to all the extra bonuses (I'm not talking about the penis enlargement ads). It may not be the best site out there, but Professor Rick would be proud.

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