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Hairy AV

Hairy AV

Review date: 22-Oct-2013 05:28. No bush quite like the Asian bush. Japanese bush, to be more specific. Hairy AV, a brand new site specializing in hairy Japanese porn, represents the next generation of Asian-themed sites. Boasting a fancy web 2.0 interface, tons of original content with top AV stars, and lots of included features and bonuses, Hairy AV is quite a great place to be. Discover it now before all others do.

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    20.2 of 25
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    20.8 of 25
  • Design and usability
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    11.9 of 20
  • Originality
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    8.2 of 10
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    14.6 of 20

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Hairy AV

Intro promises:
What do we love most about hot Asian chicks? We guess for many of us that would be the glorious Asian bush. With these petite crazy ass hotties, the bush is so naturally sexy! Each and every one of them, you just cannot not like. You know this thing in today’s Asian porn when they make awesome websites with a sleek design and tons of great content inside plus all the bonus features? Well, the site you are reading about now is a great example of this amazing trend. It’s called Hairy AV, and it gloriously joins a network with around 10 Japanese AV sites in there already. Each site covers a certain niche, and all sites feature popular Japanese AV models and some truly hot action – uncensored hot action, mind you. It’s one of our favorite Japanese porn series, and from the looks of it Hairy AV continues this very nice tradition. The site, as you may have guessed already, focuses entirely on the beauty of the Japanese bush. Whether it’s playing with a big buzzing vibrator, getting railed with a big hard cock or getting tied up with rope, the bush always has its appeal. Hairy AV has a feature-rich tour just like all these new Asian sites. Find out about what kind of stuff to expect and check out how rocking good the whole network is. Joining Hairy AV is a no brainer, and this is exactly what we recommend that you do.

Inside, things are getting pretty busy. With so much content, this whole network has to come up with some way of organizing things. Don’t worry, it’s all fine. Categories like big tits, creampie, fingering, and many others help you make your way through the network’s staggering archive. Hundreds of top level Japanese AV models are featured in thousands of videos and photo shoots, all available in great quality. The videos are usually quite long, they can play for well over half an hour. Streaming is quite fast, and downloading is easy, too. The Hairy AV selection includes enough pussy play, hardcore sex, and fetish episodes to last you for weeks and weeks. We like that you can see established Japanese porn stars as well as newcomer faces (and bushes) here. You can ‘like’ a video, even ‘share’ it. Though we prefer keeping them to ourselves, lol. For each video, you can see tags, categories, the story, the number of votes, the model featured and other things. All of this is interactive, so you can find yourself exploring the network selection for hours on end. Schoolgirls, Japanese MILFs, average girls, shy Japanese girls, slutty Japanese girls, wives, teens, you got them all, all with pretty black bushes that are just begging to be fingered, filled, creamed. Don’t keep the bushes waiting, join Hairy AV today for a truly spectacular and seemingly never-ending experience!

Hairy AV joins the network of Japanese AV sites with all sorts of stuff in there, general hardcore and more special interest as well. Hairy AV adds hundreds of hairy pussy episodes to the collection. From teens to MILFs and from pussy play to creampies, you can expect to see the finest Japanese AV models in exciting hairy pussy erotica. Hairy AV lets you stream and download a real lot, so when they say it’s the best offer on the market, they mean it. Discover Hairy AV for yourself right now, whether you are a bush freak or not!

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