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Hairy in America

Hairy in America

Review date: 28-Mar-2014 08:40. Time to celebrate the beauty and the sex appeal of the bush! Well, those of the unshaven armpit as well. Hairy in America is a fun new site that brings the hairy back to the American porn scene. You don’t want to miss all these joyful all-American hotties with bushes that are ripe and wet for the banging. The site has softer and harder content for all of you bush lovers out there.

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Hairy in America

Intro promises:
You know what? Some things about porn just feel weird sometimes. Like when a tour of an adult website makes a valid point and in your head you go like, hey, I could not have said it better. Not the most common thing to happen in the online erotica world, would you agree? We’re talking about Hairy in America today, a site that brings the fun of girls having hair around their pussies and in their armpits back to American-made pornography. The point we’re referring to is right there where the tour starts. Go have a look. America has been a country filled with barren pubic and underarm pastures. Spot on, right? If you feel that way and if you think real women have hair down there, you are gonna love it here at Hairy in America. The site specializes in softer and harder erotica that features all-American girls who are happy to have hair. Hairy in America actually seems like it’s more about the bush – but not exclusively about it. Yes, there’s armpit hair here as well. Hairy in America has a fun-looking tour, bright and colorful, that sort of bridges that classic adult site look with a modern twist of having really big preview photographs. These are looking real good, featuring both softer and harder stuff, girl on girl action and some bush banging as well, plus solo exposure. Looks like Hairy in America is fun!

Thanks god for that. There are still places in that blessed land we call the US of A where girls run wild, free, sexy, and naturally hairy. This is the best thing about Hairy in America, really. We mean, the content is very nice-looking, the photos are well-taken and in high resolution. The videos come in original HD, there’s a nice set of features and all that. But what we noticed right away and never stopped liking is how you can feel the vibe. These young sexy ladies from all walks of life love being untouched by razor. They celebrate their beauty right in front of you, and this is some catchy stuff. Whether it’s solo, girl on girl, or guy on girl hardcore, you can feel it. It’s always there. All-natural American silk is king here, and the girls will help you fall in love with it. Hairy in America has tens of models and even more video and photo episodes for you to check out. Yes, the site is still young and growing, but it has a way of making its content unforgettable. Everything you see, you’ll want to download it. Of course you will be able to, Hairy in America lets you fill your system with their gorgeous pictures and videos. Long live hairy holes, hirsute beavers and wild forests down there. Hairy in America helps sexy female hair reclaim America, and this is just great.

Hairy in America is all about sexy female hair, and you will watch it reclaim the territories of American-made porn with your own eyes. Get ready for a whirlwind of solo, lesbian, and guy on girl hardcore videos that explode right in your face with the joy of having sexy hair – or playing with it. Hairy pussies getting fucked hard, wooly cunts getting sucked by unshaved girls, it’s a never-ending celebration of natural American beauty here. Hairy in America has both the content and the attitude, and you are about to enjoy both very much. Give Hairy in America a try now!

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