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Hairy Sex Videos

Hairy Sex Videos

Review date: 25-Dec-2016 06:09. It took a couple passes for me to get the hang of this next destination. I've reviewed sites like Hairy Sex Videos before, but there are some distinguishing features which merit detailed explanation! As the title suggests, Hairy Sex Videos offers members videos (and pictures) about "hairy" women. If you're into hirsute and furry adult fun of that sort then you'll probably find this site interesting.

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Hairy Sex Videos

Intro promises:
As I have mentioned in prior commentaries, I prefer mega-sites which are presented as mega-sites. For those who are unfamiliar with adult networks, a mega/network site is one which includes a number of sites - all accessible with a single membership. More often than not, these sites market their memberships under various niches (such as "hairy" for example). And that's ok, IF, the niche being promoted is well served to the members. Many mega-sites however, offer all the major niches but provide only a light sprinkling of content for the specific niches. To avoid complaints and requests for refunds, the makers of such sites rely on the total of their sites being a satisfactory member experience (even if the niche is lame).

So what does this mean to a prospective member? If you're looking for good bang for your buck and you're into a variety of adult themes, then some mega-sites are the best value for dollar. These sites are more oriented to licensing content from other producers and warehousing it for members. If you are looking for the very best in a particular niche, you may find that mega-sites fall short in this regard. For some niches, "hairy" included, sites which are DEVOTED to these niches may offer better content. And that makes perfect sense. Mega-sites are the adult entertainment version of "big box shopping" (no pun intended) and true niches sites are constantly pushing the envelop and producing new CREATIVE content for their members. When it comes to Hairy Sex Videos, the "on-topic" content is good to very good. Unless your a hirsute aficionado with years of cruising and collecting hairy chick porn, you will probably find the furry features acceptable in quality and quantity. If however, you are looking for "unshaved cave-girl" XXX, you may find too many smooth inner thighs and hairless armpits in this collection. The members area is exceptionally well designed. When you step into then Hairy Sex Videos, all things hairy are made available to you within a click or so. At the same time, there is a list of all the other sites your membership includes and when you select any one of those niches, you pop into their flavor of world SEAMLESSLY. In addition to the excellent organization of this site, jumping from one "network site" to the other does NOT require that you have to keep entering your password. Many other mega-sites are hosted on separate domains which require you to log in whenever you switch. While this site promotes videos, there are picture galleries as well. Video Galleries include popular hairy categories: Hairy Groupsex (100+ scenes), Hairy Hardcore (90+ videos), Hairy Babes Solo (60+ scenes). The videos vary in quality as they seem to be from a variety of sources and vintages. The movies can be downloaded or streamed as WMV in Low, Medium, and High speed formats. Picture galleries include: Hairy Babes (100+ sets), Hairy Teens (100 sets), Hairy Toys(33 sets), Hairy Groupsex (6 sets Hairy Hardcore (48 sets). The images vary in quality and size from very good to excellent. The picture galleries are paginated and thumbnailed with lots of handy navigation features.

There are additional feeds and stories to add more bulk to the collection. Overall, the site as a "hairy site" is very good. As a "mega-site" this site is EXCELLENT! But, you do pay for what you get. At $39.95 for one month, you will be paying more than for some niche and even mega sites, but you can try it for 3 days for only $1.95. Either way, the site is reasonably priced for what it offers and if you're looking for a full meal deal in hairy porn and more, Hairy Sex Videos is worth a try!.

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