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Happy Ending Spycam

Happy Ending Spycam

Review date: 12-Oct-2010 10:45. Massage, sex, and privacy, these things go so well together. With Happy Ending Spycam, you get to experience all of these with a unique sexy twist. The site features long, high quality scenes of massage parlor sex with girls going this extra mile to get their clients screaming and creaming. And it’s all filmed with this little candid camera in the parlor!

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Happy Ending Spycam

Intro promises:
We have no doubts you would enjoy being massaged all over by a young pretty girl. We all would love that, man! How about a little extra coming in the end? And coming here has an almost literary meaning! Curious? Happy Ending Spycam has everything you might want to see. Thing is, the site is entirely focused on super sensual, super sexy massage sessions where lucky guys get all oily under the hands of hot young cuties. Of course they get hard as they are serviced, who wouldn’t? So, the happy ending here is hardcore sex which can even sometimes happen as the massaging session progresses. Think double attention from a hot horny chick! What is more, all these videos are filmed on a spycam on some sort, installed in a massage parlor. In other words, the couples are not supposed to feel our (and your) presence. Whether this is true or not, one thing is for sure. For those of you who got a thing for massages, private rooms, sexy girls willing to please, and some raw action in the privacy of a parlor, this will be quite a thrill. The free area offers barely anything but content samples coming as short, mouth-watering video trailers, a bunch of preview photos for each story, and names of the girls featured. The trailers are really nice; you realize every single story is so full of hot action and steam that you can’t resist the temptation of stepping inside. Same thing happened to us!

We may say it’s all about the girls here. It’s they who turn the entire thing into a totally thrilling experience. Many of us fantasize about being locked in a room with a pretty young babe whose job is to please you. She starts with a massage and who knows where it can end if you play it right. Speaking about Happy Ending Spycam, the girls look and perform just wonderfully. Not only all of them are slim, sexy hotties more on the babe side, but without going into the excessively glamorous pornstar territory. These are the prettiest of your neighborhood girls, all taken into a massage parlor and told to do whatever the client wants. Apart from their killer looks, they also do their job in a fantastic manner. Imagine a chick sitting on top of you, riding you so your hard rod slides in and out of her tight wet pussy, and massaging your chest at the same time. Every stroke of her perfect-looking fingers sends electricity to your crotch. Every episode here is filmed from the same angle obviously because of the spycam thing. You get to see the videos either online, or whenever you want, after you download them. With several dozens episodes here at the time of launch (yes, the site is fairly new and growing promisingly), the site offers great value and experience for a truly bargain price.

Happy Ending Spycam is a site about long, oily massage sessions which always end in a happy way, with a cumshot, that is. Check out these videos made with the help of a secretly installed camera which captures everything going on in an underground sex-and-massage parlor. If you are into tender, hard-working girls who care about nothing but getting you off with massage, blowjobs and sex, all with a spying flavor to it, this just might be your ultimate choice.

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