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Happy Tugs

Happy Tugs

Review date: 8-Jul-2017 08:44. You go into an Asian massage parlor, a hot and petite girl massages your exhausted body, and you end up with a big, beautiful boner. You know the situation, right? At Happy Tugs, these lovely masseuses never leave your needs unattended. Lots of massage parlor fucking and cock stroking, caught on hidden cameras, and more!

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Happy Tugs

Intro promises:
There is surely an Asian massage parlor in your hood. Perhaps you even went there a few times. But what about those places where Asian girls blow, stroke and fuck you? You sure heard about them, but do they really exist? Well, Happy Tugs here will show you that they do exist, and in fact, are doing pretty good. The site is focused on sexy Asian masseuses, tugjobs and happy endings. A special thing here is that the whole thing is filmed with a bunch of candid cameras installed in the parlor rooms. Thus you actually get a feeling of spying after some genuine, real life massage naughtiness! The site’s free zone is barely anything but picture samples. Obviously, the site is mostly about videos, but you don’t actually see them before you get in. Well, we can tell you, getting in is totally worth it. Remember how many times you fantasized about lying there, almost naked, pleased and serviced and pampered by a barely clothed Asian hottie. Your knob is throbbing harder and you pray to god asking to make her touch your pulsing need. Well, buddy, at Happy Tugs, you always get what you want. These tiny Asian sluts are trained to give you maximum relief, and who cares if they need to stroke your cock for a while, or even climb on the massage bed and ride your stick with their super tight Asian clams?

Happy Tugs has this no bullshit approach to what they do, and we liked it. You really get the feeling the site is maintained by a group of enthusiasts and massage fuck freaks. No marketing crap and annoying advertising will drive you away from here. Just videos, pictures, and a bunch of bonus sites which never get in the way. Those videos come in pretty good quality though of course you gotta take into account these are not exactly super big and professional cameras here. The action gets captured on small, barely noticeable cameras tucked away in the rooms. It’s a great way to recreate the natural massage experience and help you imagine you are really there, naked, hard and willing on the bed. Happy Tugs got tugs in its name and this is what you would normally expect from massage-themed sites. Still, here the girls go all the way, sucking fat cock and fucking it like the hot Asian sluts that they are. You can either watch the flicks or go for the still images. Either way, with all the real massage parlor gear and stuff around, it really works to get you nice, wet and ready. The episodes start slowly with some actual massage and pretty soon the next thing you know is that the cute Asian chick is naked, trying to grab the massive dick in front of her with those little fists. The site does not seem to stop growing – well, no surprises here, we are sure this parlor always gets lots of visitors!

Happy Tugs just seems to be a massage site done right. The entire thing is pretty popular these days. Happy Tugs has something special – hard, messy tugjobs and full-on hardcore sex which really keeps you glued to the screen. The site also recreates the parlor atmosphere beautifully with candid cam footage, nice, hard-working Asian girls, and the thick air of secret debauchery. That’s right, after a while you are really willing to find out where the hell this parlor is! Recommended for those who got hard during massage at least once – especially if the masseuse was Asian.

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