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Hardcore Smoothies

Hardcore Smoothies

Review date: 6-Oct-2010 13:25. You know smoothies are good for your health, right? Time to find out they’re even better! With Hardcore Smoothies, you’ll have the exotic pleasure of watching smoothie shaken and stirred in a girl’s pussy or ass, and then poured into a glass! Kinky? Yes. Sexy? Hell yes. Explore Hardcore Smoothies and enjoy the exotic HD videos!

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Hardcore Smoothies

Intro promises:
With Hardcore Smoothies, the entire notion of sexual health acquires a whole new meaning. Nothing can make you harder and healthier than a smoothie blended by a hot chick and served to you fresh out of her yummy hole. Let your imagination run free. Think about fresh fruit, milk, maybe ice cream. All of it falls into the cup of a blender and gets turned into a smooth bubbly mixture with its blades. Then, there’s this hot naked girl, sometimes feeling horny and kinky already, sometimes embarrassed and maybe curious. She gives you access to her dearest holes, and you grab this speculum with a hole in it, down which the smoothie flows freely. The girl shivers with this unfamiliar sensation, and pretty soon she’s full. Do whatever you want to her, just make sure no drop is wasted! Then, have a glass and empty her hole straight into it. A truly exotic cocktail, girlie juices and a lovely fruit smoothie. And just think how turned on she already is! Probably you won’t even have time to drink the thing because she’s attack your dick like crazy. Anyway, you can imagine something totally different, thing is, Hardcore Smoothies gets you started with the basics. The hot naked girl, the smoothie, the speculum, the pouring which she does herself, and the final mixture. You can share the cocktail with the girl, have her drink it or leave the entire thing to yourself. Whichever you choose, it’s unusual and sexy as hell!

Hardcore Smoothies is a very well made, modern adult entertainment product with all the coming benefits. The site boasts a catchy, high class design. And of course its content follows suit. Hardcore Smoothies belongs to the Fucking Awesome network. A pretty obvious name for a great network, right? The quality standards are consistent throughout the entire network of sites. You get to stream or download movies which can be up to 7,000 kbps WMV videos, meaning they are in fact 1080p HD flicks. Pictures come in hundreds and are also available for easy downloads of ZIP files. The photos are always taken separately in high resolution – no crappy screencaps here. Here, you are dealing with full length, uncut, exclusive videos which are yours to keep after you download them. No site in the Fucking Awesome network employs DRM of any sort. You saved them, you keep them forever. With the super high resolution of the movies, your experience becomes just perfect. See every detail of the scene, every tasty bit of the girlie bodies, every bubble in the smoothie and everything else as well. Hell, with this genuine HD resolution you will want to reach out for the smoothie glass in the end! And of course this superior quality means you can watch the movies on your large screen. This is gonna be fun! Nothing is hidden from you. Pussy and ass close-ups, girls’ faces, puzzled or horny, the bubbly smoothies, everything is depicted as it deserves to.

Hardcore Smoothies is a promising site from a promising network. Not only you get to see exclusive HD movies with lovely girls and smoothies poured up their pussies and butts. You get access to a big and growing network of highly targeted niche sites filled with HD content not available anywhere else. This is what adult entertainment of today should be like, special, totally high quality, and leaving you asking for more. This is exactly what Hardcore Smoothies is.

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