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Hardcore Video Network

Hardcore Video Network

Review date: 28-Oct-2017 08:34. I'm sure you know a guy who knows a guy whose wife or girlfriend spends more time ordering non-stick casserole dishes and ass wrinkle-reducing cream from The Home Shopping Network than she does tongue-bathing his taint. So, I'd think it would only be natural (and ironic) that he subscribe to a site called Hardcore Video Network, right? Okay, that might just be me.

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Hardcore Video Network

Intro promises:
Once you slip inside, members are given 16 of your traditional porn genres to choose from (including ass to mouth), as well as nine separate sites referred to here as 'Plugins' (one of which being Ron's Associates'a handful of scenes starring 'The Hedgehog' himself getting to know his co-workers better'I guess?)and three bonus sites (including the proctologist's nightmare: Battered Buttholes). With all this, and the promise of a photos section coming soon, there's more than enough in this fun pack to drain your sack to.

The Blowjob section for example, is choked full with the most scenes at 123, while the Anal is fudge-packed with 85, including several starring long-time favorites Belladonna, Tera Patrick, Chloe, and even swordsmen Lexington Steele and T.T. Boy (for those who actually give a shit about the guys). The Features section shouldn't be ignored simply for the fact that it has a nice amount of footage featuring Taylor Rain. Each scene is broken up into groups of three to five clips (that can be streamed or downloaded) which are each about three minutes in length, so you have the option of savoring the foreplay, getting right into the action, or even starting off with the cumshot. You might want to even invest in a director's chair as you put together your own version of the ever-popular compilation tape. The scenes are shot predominantly on video, and most of them are gonzo-style stuff. Each scene sticks it true to the genre in which it's categorized, and the picture quality is very clear. You just have to make sure to check the 'save password' option or you'll have to keep retyping your user name in every time you want to view a clip. The 'Live Shows' option that re-routes you to a selection of 20 girls for live video chat has some enticing elements to it, but you have to pay an additional VIP membership fee to actually get them to do anything other than waving or lying on a bed looking bored.

For what amounts to a dollar a day, the site provides what it advertises. It's a collection of streaming scenes containing different elements of sex that I think act as a decent starting site for those not well-versed in navigating the mind-blowing amount of content out there. Hell, for a dollar a day you could go write a check to Sally Struthers. I'm not too sure if she's big on cum-swapping though, and she probably couldn't find it in her heart to appreciate Tiffany Mynx taking a facial while being double penetrated, either.

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