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Haze Her

Haze Her

Review date: 15-Dec-2011 06:11. You may think fraternity boys are nasty when it comes to hazing. But wait till you find out what is actually going on at girl-only hazing rituals and sorority rituals. Haze Her is as hot and new as it gets, and it also reaches a previously unknown level of creepy slash sexy. Think it’s just pillow fights? Think again, or better still, watch now!

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Haze Her

Intro promises:
We’re not sure where the sorority and fraternity hazing traditions originate from exactly. However, what we do know is that some of these things totally go out of hand. If you think it’s the guys who do the craziest shit to newest pledges, well, here’s something for you. Haze Her is brand new on the market, quite literally the site went online this week only. Haze Her is one hotspot of real and crazy action filmed by real people on campuses all over the United States, depicting some of the most insane sexual initiation rituals you can imagine young female coeds perform. Boys go crazy but if you think girls are having milk and cookies, check this out. How about some, or should we say plenty, of stripping, sticking stuff in pussies, lesbian sex, naked chores, wrestling, humiliating spanking and other stuff? Whoa! If you like hot girls being mean to other hot girls, it’s your lucky day today. Start your journey into the Haze Her world with the site’s free area, minimalistic and a bit creepy at the same time, with lots of content samples on offer. Many episodes have video trailers going with them, and with these you’ll feel the magic working on you right away. One thing here, the trailers are way too short. The actual videos are much, much longer. How long exactly are they? Read on and find out!

Haze Her is as fresh as a porn site can possibly get. You know we keep an eye out for brand new sites to tell you about, and this thing was registered on our radar literally today. Turns out the site went live this week, and if you are an experienced porn consumer, you know it means you probably can’t expect too many videos inside. That’s right, now we’re talking like a dozen episodes in the member area. Not too much, you could say, and we totally agree. However, one thing is that the videos here are quite long for this sort of stuff (as you know they are apparently user-submitted). It’s like 30 minutes each, and when a video is full of creepy sister sorority action, humiliation, forced stripping, chanting and batshit crazy lesbian sex themed rituals, 30 minutes is a lot. Even too much sometimes! Another thing, every episode has like a crapload of photos. Not just screencaps but actual pictures apparently made by someone else other than the cameraman. Or cameragirl? Seriously, it’s hard to fit a description of everything here into one review. See the 720p videos for yourself. They’re full of depraved campus craziness, with hapless girls abused, lined up, stripped, filled with bizarre objects, pushed around, badmouthed – creepy and hot have never been closer together!

Give yourself that much-awaited adrenaline boost with Haze Her, a girl-only hazing ritual site which excels at bringing together the craziest campus footage from all America. With 30+ minute long movies and 7-8 hundred photos per gallery, Haze Her will bury you under heaps of hard to categorize content which has plenty of sexual magic about it. It’s real life girl-only hazing, and there’s only one way to know how out of control it can get. Watch this stuff now!

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