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Haze Him

Haze Him

Review date: 13-Aug-2010 06:20. If at any point in your life you witnessed some crazy frat hazing and wished it would get sexier with some cock flashing, touching and even man on man sex, Haze Him is the place to be. This is the place where tapes from insane hazing acts are submitted, with straight guys forced to do all sorts of humiliating gay things to become frat brothers.

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Haze Him

Intro promises:
Fraternity hazing, these words speak volumes. Male bonding can go a long way if we are talking about wild fraternity boys and their pledges who seem to be willing to go through anything to get into frat, however degrading this might turn out to be. And who cares anyway when everybody is young, there is lots of booze around and fat college cocks are pulsing for action? Haze Him lets you go further with your frat hazing fantasies than anything else on this planet. The site is a well-built, well-maintained collection of real life submissions from fraternity parties and hazing acts gone wrong, we mean very wrong. The neat looking front area offers a generous bunch of sample stories, all of which come from private submissions. That’s right, there may be a frat hazing going on somewhere in your area, with another group of unlucky pledges having to touch some crotch and suck some cock in the end of some really crazy college rituals. Video trailers as well as pictures are widely available, and you can totally build your own opinion about what Haze Him is like on the inside. Be assured, it’s just as fun when you enter it like it seems before you do so.

Right now, there are like around 20 episodes inside Haze Him, and we mean that an episode includes a series of pictures and a movie running at around 25 minutes. You have all the features of an amateur-shot film. The shaky cameras, the funny lines, the little details which make it all so natural, everything is there. The movies are just insane in every possible way. All different and al featuring different frat boys, they are centered around some crazy challenge which the pledges have to endure, and it always ends in some pretty indecent stuff involving cocks, nakedness, or even full-on hardcore gay sex. You can clearly see how embarrassed the pledges are, and with the wildness of the frat boys it all creates a very thrilling watching experience. The plots are so different, there are challenges, punishments, parties ending in a bad way, etc. This is not your regular porn site where everythin seems to be template-based. Videos can be streamed as either full length films or as shorter clips, which is quite convenient. A picture set has around 80 photos, and these also look pretty good, which is great for this sort of site. Haze Him explores a very specific fantasy, a very American thing which we are sure many men fantasize about. You can actually submit your own video and maybe even win a cash prize if it’s particularly good!

Haze Him is a pretty unique site which offers a pretty unique experience. You become part of crazy hazing procedures where willing boys will do anything to become part of the fraternity. The amounts of sexy man on man action are peaking here with very unusual, humiliating and blood-boiling things happening here and there. The site offers a growing collection of amateur-only material which is still looking good. If you want to see what really happens in fraternity houses when everybody is wild and horny, this is a great site for you to check out.

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