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Helix Studios

Helix Studios

Review date: 4-Nov-2017 05:27. Yes,'Helix Studios is exactly what it seems to be in all the right ways.'It is nothing more or less than a showcase for the studios' various video lines. They have lines for pretty much every taste: 8teen Boy for the twink lovers out there, Frat Boy for those looking for buffer college guys, Latin Studs for the Latino fans, Spank This which is all about beating cute boys red, and Hot Studs, which is the online version of their main, Helix line of bareback-only videos.

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Helix Studios

Intro promises:
Interestingly, they've also got a number of selections from Raw Entry Club. And yes, that studio produces exactly what it promises. So, what does that mean? There's something for everyone. Not a fan of a lack of condoms? Fine. Plenty of clips that are fully safe. Looking for something a bit more kinky? You've got a ton of spanking videos to sort through with older guys and younger guys getting in on the action. And that action's pretty much uniformly hot: cute boys, in twosomes, threesomes, foursomes or solos, cutting loose and having fun. There's really not a lot of the timidity that you get too often from younger or inexperienced guys. These boys know what they're doing. And the action keeps moving, with none of the scenes being too long. You don't get stuck in half-hour or forty-five minute clips of what amount to ridiculously extended foreplay or static, monotonous fucking.

The clips are broken down scene by scene for a good portion of Helix's movie catalog. And they sort them in such a way that no matter how you look at it, you can always find what you want. Find clips by studio, model, movie or themes. Their themes cover pretty much everything you can think of from 'jack off' to 'double penetration,' though some of those 'interracial' scenes are a bit questionable. Other than having different hair color or exotic sounding names, it really isn't obvious that these are all interracial. And the black section? Well, it's there but pretty skimpy. It might be even more disappointing that these categories exist, but are far from fleshed out. To be fair, their Latin Studs line has only recently been launched, so hopefully this will all grow.

If you find a scene that you really like, scroll down the page a bit and you'll see a list of the other scenes in the movie. You also get a list of guys in the scene, so just click your favorite find every other scene he's been in. And if you want a quick idea of the scene before watching, each page has a slew of screen captures to browse through and enjoy. According to their site, they add a new scene every Thursday and come out with a new movie every month, so there should be no shortage of material. Stream the videos in flash format, download them in high and low Windows Media, or go for the high or low Quicktime/iPod format. Yes, you can take your smut with you on the go. It's well worth the price of admission, and it will surely keep you occupied for a long, long time. Helix Studios has embraced the digital age with open arms and open, well, you know.

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