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Her Sweet Hand

Her Sweet Hand

Review date: 12-Aug-2017 07:27. I have a soft heart for hand job sites. Maybe this is because like most men, my first orgasm involving another person was from a hand job. Blow jobs are great and so is sex... hand jobs, however, touch on the sentimental part of my brain. That's why I can proudly announce that along with several hot blow job and teen sites, I am a member of a couple of sites that focus on hand jobs.

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Her Sweet Hand

Intro promises:
Her Sweet Hand intrigued me for one reason and one reason alone: I've always believed that all good looking girls should have a pair of "sweet hands." The site is a bit barren but cleanly presented. There aren't too many links and no bonus galleries, which means that the site owners have confidence in their content. The site was put up in 2004 and boasts 130+ original videos in their two years online. It is an indication of the site's success that their updates are continuously getting hotter. The latest update with Angelina is awesome. Perfect D-cup breasts (all natural) and a great face. She also has the sweetest hands you could imagine. In her first video, this young thing had to be taught the finer details of wanking cock but Angelina learned quickly and is so good in her second video you would think she must have had dozens of boyfriends in high school.

The videos are all very high quality. You can download whole scenes or clips. An entire movie is almost 200 MB, but downloads are quite fast. Even the clips can be as large as 45 MB. The newer videos are available in two formats: Quicktime and WMV. The videos from 2005 and 2004 can only be played in Quicktime, so have it ready before you decide to sign up.

Some of the babes on Her Sweet Hands suck the cock they're wanking (maybe they just can't help it), while others make do with licking some of the cum off the big red dick, but overall the teasing fantasy is maintained in most of the videos. The lack of bonus videos is not such a loss, but it would be nice to have them. Overall, I was satisfied with this hardcore teasing website.

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