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Hidden Camera Dressing Room

Hidden Camera Dressing Room

Review date: 10-Mar-2016 09:56. Do you get off on watching women shower and have no idea you’re there spying on them? You dirty perv! Well, now you don’t have to risk a jail sentence to satisfy your urges. Hidden Camera Dressing Room (what a name huh) lets you follow the endeavors of a couple who place their tiny cameras in all sorts of wet (literally) locations. Quite toe-curling!

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Hidden Camera Dressing Room

Intro promises:
We’re just two perverts who love having a good time. How’s that for an introduction to an adult website? Well, quite cool, we should say, and also probably quite true. Supposedly the perverts here are Robin and Julia, a couple on a mission to capture as much showering female goodness as possible. We would imagine Julia actually goes to public showers and installs their nifty little cameras in the right places. Robin probably the tech and website guy. Well, in fact, we don’t care if it’s the other way around, or maybe the situation is totally different at all. What is important is that we now have a site which shakes up the entire public shower voyeur scene – no less than that. HCDR seems to be full of natural, full length, unstaged videos, and if you’ve been hungry for this sort of thing, well, you better start browsing right now. With a site like this, it’s even more about the content than usual. It takes so much to make a great voyeur video, and it takes so little to ruin the entire thing. See the previews at HCDR and our guess would be that you’ll love it. The site wraps quite a few very captivating previews into one catchy package. There are all sorts of women, fully naked or taking off or putting on their swimwear, who seem to have no clue they’re being filmed. What’s not to love?

Hidden Camera Dressing Room is a bit different from your average site filled with erotic content. Well, most importantly, just because such content is not so easy to produce. It’s like you cannot even compare these things! Finding some girls to film having sex and actually videotaping real life women showering without them knowing – very different things for sure. Hence, many niche fans have sort of got used to getting not that much and of not that great quality. HCDR seems to bring a bit of revolution to the niche. The site got quality and quantity balanced just fine. The content selection is quite rich already and they also promise daily updates. We loved the full length videos which combine very nice resolution and picture quality, and in many cases sound as well, with the highly natural thrill of being there as real life girls take showers, wipe and wash themselves, put their swimwear on or take it off, and just act casually like they always do. It’s a rare thing, capturing naked showering women in their natural habitat without disturbing them or making things look fake. And Hidden Camera Dressing Room seems to be pretty good at that. The couple here combine footage from around 10 locations now, and they promise to expand their range in future. The pictures are also there, but we totally loved the videos – for reasons given above.

If you want to become a secret witness of how real life, next door girls and women get themselves wet and then clean, Hidden Camera Dressing Room is your thing. Showers and locker rooms are captured beautifully here with the right amount of video quality and realism thrown in. From younger girls to more mature ladies, the site keeps pulling the curtain off some of the sweetest scenes which are no longer private. Well, all kudos here go to Julia and Robin, and let’s hope they don’t get busted too soon with all the crazy stuff they do, haha!

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