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Hidden Showers

Hidden Showers

Review date: 10-Oct-2017 06:57. Changing rooms may just be change rooms to some, but to fans of voyeurism they are a heavenly paradise where gorgeous babes reveal their hot bodies to wash away sweat and refresh their beauty. In the case of Hidden Showers, spy cams in public showers and indoor pools are the highlight of this site.

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Hidden Showers

Intro promises:
The site makes no pretension about the fact that the women appearing in the videos are well aware of the camera's presence, but this has little effect for fans who are serious about their voyeurism. This site is devoid of pic sets and there aren't even any vid caps. Instead, the site runs on the strength of its video content and with 749 short clips in their repertoire, they seem to be doing alright for themselves. All of the clips add up to a total of 94 videos.

Each video is available for download in an excellent-looking AVI file. Since visitors are more or less being asked to suspend disbelief as it is, it doesn't always help when some of the women stare directly in the direction of the "hidden" camera. Other than that, the gals aren't really going for anything provocative. They simply go about their business in the shower.

It takes a particular kind of person to appreciate this site. There is no hardcore action, just different body types being undressed and cleaned. Though the price is standard, the site is a little on the expensive side considering that the content is short in length. Despite offering a couple of bonus sites, there are plenty of other voyeur sites out there with more to offer.

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