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High Def Cum Swap

High Def Cum Swap

Review date: 26-Oct-2017 08:01. Whenever a woman goes down on a man, it's a great feeling. When a woman allows a man to come in her mouth, it's even better. Now, when a woman spits the come into another woman's mouth, well, it can only happen on High Def Cum Swap. The cum-swapping website is designed to show men that women, in fact, do like cum.

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High Def Cum Swap

Intro promises:
The site, comprised of mostly videos, has very few pictures and a lot of bonus content, which is all syndication. Syndicated content like Bonus Videos (videos from other websites), Bonus Pictures (pictures from other websites: High Def Cum Swap hardly has any), Live Sex Chats (chat sessions from various sources) and a Sex Shop (products from different places). The few pictures High Def Cum Swap does have are mainly on the preview page, which are there to entice potential members. The rest of them are on the videos page as very small thumbnails which are, for the most part, naughty.

There are about 12 videos on High Def Cum Swap, which are awesome. When they say they are high definition, they aren't lying. Some of the pussies, if looked at close enough, show China. Well, not really but they are very nice to look at. Even better to see them get handled by a tree trunk sized penis. The videos are either streaming or downloadable and they load quickly. The only issue I have with the videos is that members have to watch the entire videos, where as most sites allow you to watch chapters at a time, which would have been a good idea here because I found myself sitting through about three minutes of people talking before any action occurred. But when it did finally get down to business, it was on like Donkey Kong. The production was excellent and the action was one of a kind, which is why the videos are exclusive on High Def Cum Swap. As much as I like watching women undressing and making out, I really wanted to fast forward to them sucking and fucking, and to see them swap cum into each other's mouth.

I gave the site a 4 rating because of the aforementioned reasons. If High Def Cum Swap had more videos and the option to watch in chapters, then it could get to a 4.5. If High Def Cum Swap had exclusive photo sets, then a 5 is automatic. For now, though, members have to sit through about 3-5 minutes before any real action occurs.

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