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High Octane

High Octane

Review date: 4-Nov-2017 05:42. After what felt like an eternity of clearing digital hurdle after digital hurdle (adding Flip4Mac, updating Windows Media Player for Mac, fielding questions about bandwidth and/or connection speeds), I was rewarded with crystal clear Flash video of Roman Ragazzi's muscular Italian ass getting pounded in the back of a pickup truck. (I stopped swearing about technical difficulties almost immediately.)

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High Octane

Intro promises:
Prior to this moment of silence, I was tormented by a slew of formats, applications and windows that promised that the selected video was 'Loading'' when, in fact, it was just running the hard drive through some useless revolutions to give the impression of video that was 'Loading'' There are a lot of bells and whistles on High Octane, technologically speaking, but they don't necessarily enhance the user experience and the site, itself, started to resemble a bodybuilder oozing sex while simultaneously unable to get it up.

There are six pages of 'Men' with 15 men featured on most of these pages. Clicking on any of the portraits allows users to pinpoint where each stud can be found in video and/or photo sets. The 'Solo Photos' tab provides extensive eye candy from almost 30 studs and the 'Action Photos' tab puts these men into play with stills from full-length DVD releases. (There are currently 16 of these scenarios on High Octane.) The 'Videos' tab reveals nearly 10 pages worth of content also take from full-length DVD releases with four clips to choose from on each page. Video content is formatted for both Flash and Windows Media Players and various connection speeds and the quality is top notch and the DVDs themselves are available for purchase in the High Octane store (powered by GayDVD). There are two video sections: One marked 'Videos' and one labeled 'Movies,' the difference being that the movies are organized by the actual box covers of the featured titles and the videos are more focused on the individual performers.

Membership to High Octane includes access to Sexgaymes, RearStable, ColinONeal, BangBangBoys, and Twinks. Under the 'XXXCinema' tab there are three bonus features: video on demand, Men-Live Man Chat (which requires additional registration), and an on-demand archive of webcam shows. The VOD subsection has three pages of video content provided by the likes of Boykakke, Jake Cruise, Cock Jocks, Pure Euro, Chub Club, Frat Boys, Bear Meat, He Likes It Big, Gay Blind Date, Hardbodies, Military Recruits, Meat Police, Fetish Factory, Latino Bambinos, Black Balled, Dirty Leather, Cock Swallowers, Gaysian, and Straight Turns Gay. High Octane, the studio, is known for an incredibly high quality product and High Octane definitely continues this tradition, despite the aforementioned navigational issues. Fans of beefy Eastern European studs will not be disappointed by this one!

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