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His Mommy

His Mommy

Review date: 13-May-2017 10:07. Do you think it’s hot when an older woman does it with a younger girl? That’s kinda hot, right? But wait, there’s more. His Mommy puts a really unexpected twist to the entire thing. How about a guy’s mom hooking up with his hot girlfriend and doing all sorts of naughty things to her – or with her? Then the guy comes and freaks out, but it’s too damn late, the dirty deed is done! It’s crazy, but it’s hot as lava, too!

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His Mommy

Intro promises:
Once in a while a porn site appears which, you know, transcends the limits online adult entertainment usually has. Like it has an idea, a concept behind it that nobody has tackled as of yet. We’re really into this sort of stuff, and His Mommy here comes handy, just when we felt we could use a thrill like that. Launched in a bundle with two other great sites, My Son’s Gf and Help My Wife, it’s a great example of a cool story and really nice full HD content blended together. The sites it’s bundled with, one of them we have reviewed here already, the My Son’s Gf one; for the other, a review is coming right up. Seriously, we love reviewing sites from these guys. Not just reviewing, we totally enjoy them from beginning to end. Just look at this lovely tour here. Colorful, professional-looking, with cool captions and some cheeky wording splashed here and there, it sets you in a fun, quirky mood – and you’re ready to lay your hands on whatever content this hotspot has to offer. Episode previews are available, and even though there are no actual video trailers as of now (they may add them later, we think), you can still find out what the entire thing is all about. A choice of crisp thumbnails tells the story and the caption underneath helps you get into the right mood as well. Turns out it’s lesbian sex, moms and young girls and scandalous discoveries all mixed together!

The sites which overpromise and underdeliver, they just suck. His Mommy is definitely not one of them; it’s really well-balanced, a nice-looking preview area takes you inside naturally, and you find yourself in something many would call a porn fan’s paradise. You got the pictures, you got the videos, you got the multiple download and format options, you got the commenting and the rating and the bonus section and what not. Everything looks and feels perfect together. The content comes in a choice of formats and the highest possible quality is 1080p HD – a resolution for which you’ll need some big ass screen for sure! In a word, the tech side is pretty much flawless. In terms of episodes, all of them have a different story with some common elements, guy, his mom and his gf doing something together, then the guy leaves for some reason, and the mother (or the girlfriend, or both at the same time) unleash their Sapphic urges they’ve been concealing for a long time. There’s plenty of taboo lesbian fucking going on, with toys, oral sex, fingering and what not. The active part is usually the mother’s thing, and the bedazzled girl responds like a shy, obedient cutie that she is. Then the son shows up and boom, you got a scandal on your hands! It’s so totally fun to watch and there’s plenty of space for your own fantasies in each of these episodes.

His Mommy is a brand new site with lots of good things bundled together. The site looks and feels very enjoyable, with a catchy concept and some really great full HD videos to match. There’s plenty of space to explore your own fantasies, these episodes are crazy and quirky just in the right measure. With lots of guilty, sinful lesbian sex between older mothers and the girlfriends of their sons, His Mommy is a very special place which really has the potential of getting you off in a very special way!

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