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Review date: 19-Jun-2016 14:51. Rope bondage is the most popular form of bondage online. It’s the easiest to get supplies for and there are clearly thousands of women that are more than willing to be tied up. The eroticism comes from many different things. For some it’s the idea of giving up control to someone else and allowing the body to be twisted like a pretzel. For others it’s the discomfort that comes from a good rope bondage position.

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Intro promises:
At Hogtied you can experience the pleasure of bondage any way you choose. If you prefer to be the one doing the tying then you can simply pretend you the guy putting these sluts in their ropes or you can enjoy their suffering. If you want to be the submissive then you can put yourself in place of the girls and have fun with it. They take you through every scene they’ve ever done on the tour so if you want an overview of what it’s like inside you should really pay them a visit.

They don’t actually change the design when you log in. It’s not so much a tour you’re visiting for free it’s just the locked version of the site. If you choose the full view you’ll see 10-15 little pictures that should do a good job of previewing the porn. There’s generally a description and a trailer as well, at least for the newer stuff. They have 584 scenes as of this writing and they go all the way back to 1998. They’ve been updating weekly for most of that time so the site is really a tremendous collection. Nowadays they’re adding a new scene twice a week. One update is what they call the casting couch where amateur chicks come in and undergo rope bondage in a room with a couch. The other update is a far lengthier and more involved scene that nowadays runs more than an hour long and includes all different kinds of rope bondage action. Roughly 200 of the scenes are available in high definition and they look amazing. At 1280x720 and 7000kbps they will blow your mind. The older videos get lower quality the further back you go, which is just what you’d expect. Nowadays the really old movies are almost too ugly to watch but there’s so much content you shouldn’t ever need to use them. At its heart Hogtied is a rope bondage site. Every scene features the girls tied up in an impressive variety of ways but it’s not just ropes. They shoot their scenes in dark and dank spaces that are perfect for this sort of thing. You want it to feel like a dungeon when you’re watching this sort of porn because it enhances the very nature of it. The suspensions are my favorite part of any scene because they heighten the arousal further. The girl is lifted in the air and she’s just hanging there with ropes around her feet, legs, waist, chest and sometimes neck. It’s fucking crazy! Pain is obviously a part of Hogtied, although not the central focus. This is a rope bondage site but they know you’re going to get bored if they do the same stuff every week. That’s why they mix it up. They’ll bring out the nipple clamps and make the girls scream by pulling on them hard. They’ll work the pussy over and leave the girls in a quivering, pained heap. There’s some spanking and tit smacking. Forced orgasm comes into play and it’s sexier than you might think. It’s uncomfortable for a girl to keep on cumming or to be pleasured after she has already cum but these ladies must suffer it. The quality of the women they bring in at Hogtied is impressive. Clearly there are babes out there that love bondage and pain and submission so they’re just lining up to be played with. If you’re like most people then you’re going to enjoy the scene more because the girls are so hot and because their bodies are so tight and beautiful.

Hogtied is a wonderful porn site featuring beautiful girls taking the abuse and pleasure of rope bondage. In more than 580 scenes you’ll see the women tied up, slapped around, spanked, forced to orgasm and other pleasures (or pains, depending on how you look at it). The newer videos are high definition and gorgeous (by newer I mean the 200 most recent) and the picture galleries are high resolution. You can download the movies at lighting fast speeds and when you’re done you’ll have a beautiful scene of amazing bondage and pain and pleasure to watch. If you like rope bondage porn there really is no other site that does it better.

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