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Home Spy Video

Home Spy Video

Review date: 19-Jun-2016 15:12. Home Spy Video is a big site. They tell you that much when you visit the tour with their stats. They currently have more than 7,500 movies and 52,000 pictures. That’s big no matter how you slice it and if they have more than 65,000 users they’re making a whole lot of money. One of the hottest things about the site is how much free content they let you check out.

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Home Spy Video

Intro promises:
They only let you watch one minute of the clips but that’s more than enough to know if you like how they do things. I love that the movies start streaming so quickly and that there are so many available to you. You can leave comments if you’d like. You can also upload a movie and download 100 just for doing so. They want you to help build the site and it’s awesome that you can get free access to it just by helping them out.

After you’ve logged in it looks exactly like the tour. If you’ve visited the site then you know what you’ll be seeing as a member. I can’t really tell what they’re doing on the main page. Perhaps those are the most popular videos or perhaps they’re just randomly selected hotness. You might get off just checking out the picture sets and videos on the main page but if for some reason you manage to hold your load there are so many different types of amateur entertainment on the site it will blow your mind. On the main page they have a list of categories that the movies have been placed in. Amateur is the largest by far and I guess that’s the one they put the videos that have hardcore sex into. Everything else is a little more specific: anal, Asian, big tits, blowjob, ebony, facial, fetish, group, Latina, lesbian, masturbation, mature, public, strip, teen, toys and voyeur is the full list. You should have all the content you can handle with that full collection. Despite the categories it’s not a perfect system for finding the videos you want. You can use the search function but it’s entirely dependent on the keywords used in the titles and descriptions for each scene. I guess it’s a small problem but the truth is amateur porn is about seeing non-professionals sucking and fucking, not seeing a specific fetish played out. If you want that then there are probably dozens of sites where they make professional porn that caters to your desires. The Flash player is exceptionally well implemented. The videos are pretty small but it’s hard to expect much more when you’re dealing with amateur content. Most of the clips are less than five minutes long but you will occasionally find a hot couple going for 15 or 20 minutes. You can download the movies in AVI format but they are very low resolution at 320x240 and the bit rate isn’t very high. Given how well the streaming player is implemented I don’t see any reason to download them though. Just one click and you’ll be watching the short and sexy scene. They have more than 52,000 photos and while they are less entertaining than the videos it’s an enormous collection. Once again they’re all submitted by amateurs and they’re pretty damn terrific. Some galleries are collections of hot shots of the girl in different outfits and different locations. Some are series’ where the girl is giving head and getting fucked and taking a facial. They’re all excellent though and they will almost certainly leave you with a big boner. It’s a nice way to get warmed up for the video that’s going to get you off.

Home Spy Video ranks as one of the best amateur porn sites online. These are videos and picture galleries submitted by genuine amateur performers. The girls are hot and young in almost every case and they’ve never done any kind of professional porn work. Their desire to suck and fuck on video is motivated by exhibitionism, not money. They just love to be naughty sluts and they get off on knowing that someone is watching and enjoying their performance. You can be the guy that watches and gets off! There are hotties galore and new content coming every day to make the site incredibly large and successful.

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