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Homegrown Hairy Bush

Homegrown Hairy Bush

Review date: 29-Nov-2011 04:49. All-natural girls have been growing their bushes at home, and now it’s time to bring all their sexy god-given fur to your screens! Homegrown Hairy Bush is a real supersite coming from Homegrown Video, the ultimate amateur porn company which has been around for decades – literally. Rare, new and classic hairy porn, a lot of it!

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Homegrown Hairy Bush

Intro promises:
Do you like when a girl is natural – and so is her bush? It’s not just the beauty of hair, it’s a statement against fake plastic beauty of today, a declaration of being happy with the way god made her, right? If so, you must ask yourself what happened to pubic hair in modern porn. Turns out the beauty of an all-natural bush as well other kinds of pretty-looking hair on female bodies has been fully preserved in amateur porn. Real people, actual natural beauty enthusiasts from next door celebrate the appeal of a hirsute snatch and film their adventures in the land of hanky panky on camera. Homegrown Video is something of a household name in amateur porn, a brand which has – check this out – been around since 1982. Of course it wasn’t all online and digital back then. They engaged in video tape mailorder kind of thing. All in all, they know their shit. No wonder they decided to bring all their hairy pussy material together and make a website out of it. After all, who can convey the beauty of a naturally bushy pussy other than people who actually keep their bushes nice and thick in everyday life? Homegrown Hairy Bush has a tour area which really does send a powerful message. Check it out, it’s so amateur, as if the golden days of pornography never ended!

Oh by the way, the tour was more than a tour hear. You saw the previews, but there’s also a lot to be learned about Homegrown’s very own message board for amateur porn fans, as well as about your opportunity to submit a sex tape or two that you made. Don’t miss out on these really interesting things. Anyway we’re inside and this site does rock. Design-wise, it’s all quite simple, simplistic, even, bringing to mind first adult sites to ever hit the web. Built by real people with a passion for porn, they didn’t have the gloss of today’s HD footage – but had plenty of soul, spirit and content featuring people who actually enjoyed what they were doing. In terms of content, Homegrown Hairy Bush features videos the company accumulated through almost 30 years of its existence. It’s only logical that the quality varies. Old stuff had to be digitalized but hey, if you’re in for the real thing, it’s the hairy pussy enthusiasts you see in action – young girls, housewives, college girls, couples, you name it. They play with their beautifully hirsute, very home-grown bushes, get fucked, get cum sprayed all over their thick wooly cunts, get eaten out by other girls, well, there’s no time and place for boredom here. It’s as real as it gets, with real women who know how to keep their snatch nice and bushy – and with men who are ready to roam these forests day and night.

Homegrown Hairy Bush truly is a huge site with hundreds of real amateur hairy pussy videos available for downloading and streaming. It’s great that sites like this are still around. They don’t have the fancy design or glossy production. But instead they have soul, they have huge communities of fans, they have videos which let you take a peek into private lives you would have never seen otherwise. The site is full of goodies and options and yet it never gets too commercial or overproduced. Get the highlights of hairy pussy porn with real hairy snatches from real homes – now!

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