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Hood Black Amateurs

Hood Black Amateurs

Review date: 22-May-2014 13:54. Like black girls who are into sex and don't want to end up watching overpolished overcommercialized porn? How about videos made by a guy who just walks through the hood boning whatever black hood bitch he can find next? From glammed up to plain nerdy and average-looking to say the least, this is Hood Black Amateurs. Unscripted and with a very personal feel! Check it out right now.

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Hood Black Amateurs

Intro promises:
We all love black girls for their free spirit and that special charming magic they have about them. But hey, we don't really want to settle for overly commercial black and ebony porn. Sometimes it’s OK, but today, we're feeling especially in the mood for some hot ghetto realness. Well, in these circumstances, Hood Black Amateurs is just right. This site is entirely dedicated to the glory of real life ghetto sex freaks, black girls who just love cock. They can be hookers, they can be known neighborhood sluts, they can be just your average girls looking for some fun. Hood Black Amateurs has all of them caught on video, doing things they enjoy most – sucking, riding thick dick, getting jizzed in the face. But wait, that’s not it. Hood Black Amateurs is centered around the adventures of this funny black dude who picks up hot black hood pussy – and bones it on camera. Well, often not him but this other dude on his team, but you get the idea. This is completely unscripted sexual adventure in the hood! You should see the girls he hooks up with. Oh wait, you will. See the Hood Black Amateurs tour, it’s full of previews including video trailers and pictures. The site has this rugged feel that makes it stand out from this entire black amateur porn crowd. Real girls, better shooting, more fun for you. This is what Hood Black Amateurs seems to be about. Let’s see more!

Nothing like porn that actually feels and looks like it could happen to you. Not some random people having plain sex right away, but an actual story that you feel you could be part of. Hitting the club with the peeps and picking up hot babes, meeting a foxy chick at a party, or just checking out what the local hooker scene has to offer if you are feeling a bit desperate. Hood Black Amateurs manages to convey this thing – and does it beautifully. The site offers dozens of exclusive videos and matching photo sets filmed without scripts and without any polishing or multiple takes. It’s as real as it gets, just black girls who want to have fun meeting black dudes who want to have fun. And it all goes down smoothly! Hood Black Amateurs has a personal touch to it, the stories that go with the episodes are quite funny, and the guy has a few shooting tricks he uses from video to video. The girls talk into the camera a bit or everybody does a bit of chatting, then the fooling around part starts. Hood Black Amateurs has black girls that have these lovely everyday looks, no pornstar polish at all. Some of them are nerdy and very special! You are definitely going to have fun with this one. Hood Black Amateurs offers downloadable videos, hot picture sets, all sorts of bonuses you expect from a well-established site, and a great feeling of real.

Hood Black Amateurs is better than most black amateur porn sites, we’ll give you that. The site is centered around this crew of guys who just cruise the hood looking for fresh black pussy that’s in the mood for something freaky. You can watch them do their thing, or you can submit your own footage. If you dare to have the same kind of adventures they do, that is! Hood Black Amateurs is fun, customer-centered, and has plenty of personality. Why don't you go see this hot new place right now?

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